Economia Festival | 3 Inside Tips

Economia Festival is a (largely) online festival about the economy, without economists on stage, organized by Baltan Laboratories. On artists, scientists and companies come together to explore new economic systems. The festival lasts until the end of October. Director Olga Mink talks about the three things she's looking forward to the most.

Presentation Tinkebell

"Artist TINKEBELL. provokes by exposing the blind spots of our modern society. She became famous by turning her own cat into a handbag, a project with which she showed people their own hypocrisy about the use of animals for leather production and consumption. During Economia TINKEBELL. will give a presentation under the title DECLARATION. (the universal one). For this the artist visited a place, somewhere on the border of Europe. The lecture reflects on the state of affairs concerning expectations, intentions, words and values. It is also linked to a competition in which one can win a trip. The competition will be announced next week.”

1 September | 5:15 p.m. | Live on YouTube and Facebook + Q&A via Zoom. Sign up for the Q&A: | More info

Lecture Reon Brand: Co-Emerging Economies

"The collaboration we have entered into with Philips Design extends over several years. Economia festival is the starting point. I discovered that at Philips Design people are exploring themes in which man is not the center of attention, but the mutual relationship between man, nature and technology. Based on this fundamentally different view of the world and the future, we will explore new economic models together with artists, designers and researchers in the future. Co-emerging Futures is a research by Reon Brand, Design Principal in Future Studies and Innovation at Philips. The model presents a vision from a predominantly ecological perspective. Co-emerging Economies looks at which economic models could emerge from this.”

3 September | 5 p.m | Live on YouTube and Facebook + Q&A via Zoom. Sign up for the Q&A: | More info

Presentation: The Confusionist Movement by The Yes Men

“As part of Economia the YES MEN present a new movement: The Confusionism. The Confusionsists celebrate the power of confusion - a state of mind that opens doors for change when used properly. It is based on the idea of confronting power using the methods of the Trickster - a universal archetype found in every culture. The Confusionists invite new members to confront the increasing abuse of confusion by those in power around the world. Many fascist governments posing as democracies use massive confusion to undermine the entire ecosystem of rational thinking and its relationship to self-government. The Confusionist movement opposes the insulting tactics of Putin, Soerkov, Bolsonaro, Trump, Erdogan and others - and claims the power of confusion for the underdog.”

15 October | 5 p.m. | Live on YouTube and Facebook + Q&A via Zoom. Sign up for the Q&A: | More info

During the Dutch Design Week (17 - 25 October) there will be an exhibition of art installations and video works at Baltan Laboratories, located in the Natlab at Strijp S, challenging visitors to explore new economic systems.

Photo credits: Massimiliano Murra

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