Eindhoven Student Town

With an annually increasing number of (inter)national students choosing Eindhoven as the place to pursue their dreams, the city is gaining popularity as a student town. Are you new in town and looking for ways to get to know the city? Check out these tips we listed for you!

Dynamic districts

Eindhoven consists of a number of vibrant, dynamic districts. For instance, you will find a wide range of cafés, restaurants, and shops downtown. De Bergen is one of the oldest districts in Eindhoven, but with its characteristic buildings and authentic shops perhaps the coziest one. At Strijp-S, industrial heritage has been transformed into hip restaurants, shops, and creative workspaces, and Woensel-West is a colorful and lively neighborhood where many different cultures come together. Want to know more about Eindhoven? Book a city guide or visit Eindhoven Tourist Information for more tips! 

Culture and events

With, amongst others, Dutch Design Week, GLOW Eindhoven, EMOVES Urban Culture Festival, and the Maker Faire, Eindhoven has a lot to offer when it comes to events (of course with a few alterations this year). Pay a visit to one of the museums, design studios, or art centers and enjoy theater, live music, and enjoy the city’s culture 365 days a year. Check out our Events Calendar for an up-to-date overview of all events.

Eindhoven: a student town

Food and drinks

With an increasing number of culinary hotspots, Eindhoven has been a real food city for a number of years now. From an early breakfast to a late-night dinner, from real Eindhoven beer to coffee served by world champion baristas, and from delicious vegan dishes to juicy hamburgers, the city offers something for everyone. Tip: Check out our tips for a low budget meal in the city. Do you want to get to know Eindhoven better while eating? Then go and grab a bite to eat at one of these eight unconventional places.


Step into the bustling nightlife of Eindhoven. Whether you like to go out for drinks or opt for a night filled with live music, there's something for everyone! Check out our tips for the best places to go out in the city, including the beer spots & breweries, and the best cocktail bars.

All our tips: from studying to going out

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