Jalila Essaïdi ambassador of Dutch Design Week 2019

Dutch Design Week is still a long way off, yet behind the scenes the preparations for the 18th edition of the festival, which will take place in October, are already in full swing. What can you expect this year? Director Martijn Paulen shared a few highlights this week.

During the New Year's meeting of DDW (end of February is still a very good time to bring a toast to the new year) Paulen told us about the plans for 2019. One of the announcements: Jalila Essaïdi will be one of the ambassadors of this year's festival. You might know Essaïdi for being a founder and director of BioArt Laboratories in Eindhoven. An organisation that stimulates research into biomaterials and seeks cooperation with scientists, technologists and creatives around the world.

Essaïdi was honoured with her appointment and told the audience what drives her: "I am interested in design projects that yield more than just economic results. As an ambassador, I therefore want to stand up for those 'other values', such as ecological benefits.”

The Eindhoven entrepreneur is one of the three ambassadors of DDW 2019. The other two will be announced in the course of the year.

I want to stand up for 'other values', such as ecological benefits

Jalila Essaïdi

If not ... then ...

Paulen also reveiled this year's theme. Building on the slogan of 2018 (If not us, then who?), this time he chose for 'If not now, then when?’. ‘It is literally a call to action. Don't postpone your ideas and plans for the future any longer, but do it now! If not now, then when?’

Dutch Design Week

DDW is the largest design festival in Northern Europe and attracted some 355,000 visitors last year, of which 21% from abroad. DDW 2019 will take place from 19-27 October 2019. All over the city you will find exhibitions, debates, networking meetings, lectures, award ceremonies and festivities. Save the dates!