Sex, Robots and Ethics: 5x Tips for Dutch Technology Week

DTW is here again! The annual festival for technology is back in town. With a sneak peek of WOW innovations made in the Netherlands and a poetic example of how dance and tech merge together. This week is also about the impact of technology on our lives and all the (ethical) questions that come along with that. Don't know where to start? We’ve listed 5 highly awesome events for you!


Dutch Technology Week is from May 31 until June 5.

LevelUp Game Talks

These talks are the place to pick up knowledge about everything related to gaming. From game addiction to neurodiversity and games as a medium for people over thirty. Eight speakers each cover a theme and answer your questions.

1 June | 19.30 hrs | sign up for this interactive talk

Sex, Robots and Artificial Intimacy: a threat or the next best thing?

Covid-19 has had a major impact on intimacy. And accelerated the introduction of new tools, such as sex robots, tele-dildonics and remote touch. Are these innovations a threat or a logical next step in our evolution? Join international experts in discussing this topic.

31 May | 21.30 hrs | more info

AI - about technology and ethics

Artificial Intelligence is going to have a major impact on the way we live, work and organize things. It is crucial to consult as many people as possible with different perspectives on this subject. Only in this way can we shape a future that is safe, fair and inclusive. Tech entrepreneur Jim Stolze talks to TU/e student team Serpentine about what makes AI different from previous breakthrough technologies.

4 June | 09.45 hrs | sign up for this interactive talk

Wether of the Wall was the final piece of Koningsdag 2021

The making of 'Whether a Wall

It was the final piece of Koningsdag 2021, created by electronic music producer and performer Chagall, choreographer David Middendorp and Sioux.
Whether a Wall is a unique performance of music, dance and drones. In this talk Ruben Kwant and Stijn Groen from Sioux take you along in the wonderful process of its creation.

2 June | 09.00 hrs | sign up for this interactive talk

Starting and growing in medtech

A talk about opportunities in medtech and what helps to realize further growth. John Paul van Heel of Rabobank will discuss these topics with two entrepreneurs from the world of medtech: CEO Bas Zeper of Plasmacure and co-founder Freek van Welsenis of Hable.

1 June | 11.15 hrs | sign up for this interactive talk.

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