Sneak peek: STRP Festival 2019

In just a few weeks time STRP will be back in Eindhoven! STRP is a ten-day festival that brings together an exciting combination of tech, art and music. Can’t wait? We already got a sneak peek of the festival at Natlab this week...

To hell with future phobia. It is written in bold letters on a huge screen. Ton van Gool, director of STRP Festival, summarizes briefly what the idea is behind this year’s festival. The setting today is Natlab's auditorium, the attendees form an international group of thinkers and doers, artists and activists.

For those who missed it: future phobia stands for fear of the future and is apparently an official disorder in the US. Horror scenarios about what is to come, fuelled by series like Black Mirror, make some people feel that things will only get worse from now on.

To hell with..., says STRP. Although future phobia is not a recognised disease in the Netherlands, (tech) developments are often viewed with great suspicion. STRP has had enough with this 'tough flirt with dystopia' and prefers to explore scenarios for a positive future.

To hell with future phobia

Directeur STRP Festival Ton van Gool

Carlijn Naber, researcher and economic psychologist, kicks off today. Change often evokes natural resistance in people, she says. A combination of fear of losing what is known and concerns about what we don't know yet. Naber provides the audience with tools to deal with this. Tip: dive into the unknown! You can already do this by subscribing to a newsletter that you would normally never read. It expands your world and all that is usually a positive experience.

This open, curious attitude will be reflected at the festival. And also outside the festival, by the way. Because STRP itself is changing too. From an event that took place once every two years, it becomes a platform that organises events all year round with an annual STRP festival. STRP as a guide in a world where technology seems to be the solution to every problem and where doom-scenarios are leading. During the festival you will meet (international) artists and thinkers who will focus on imagination and how we can come up with inspiring alternatives for the future.

STRP Festival is from 30 March to 7 April. RaRaRadio will be broadcasting daily from STRP.