STRP Festival 2021 | 3 Inside Tips

STRP Festival is about to kick off (June 3-6, 2021). The place where artists, philosophers and makers come together for four days to explore alternative scenarios for the future. This year's festival is entirely online, and it promises to be spectacular. We asked avid STRP-goer Brendan Vos (English and film teacher, founder DayDayGay) what he's most looking forward to this year.

STRP Festival Opening

"The opening of STRP usually gives you a sneak peek of what the festival has to offer, with drinks afterwards. I always enjoy that part, meeting new people. This year everything will be digital. At the opening you will be paired by phone with someone you haven’t met before. I'm not very fond of phone calls myself, so this sounds slightly out of my comfort zone, haha. But on the other hand, after so many years of attending STRP, I know it will be fun. I read on the website that you’ll be guided through the conversation via a script. It promises to be a very personal and collective experience. One that makes you re-examine your connection with another person. It sounds exciting."

June 2 | 8:30 pm | registration (free)

STRP Festival Expo

"The theme of STRP this year is All of Us. The central question: how can we better serve the collective as individuals? This year's expo features fourteen works by international artists who have been inspired by this question. I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but that's really how I always go into the festival. I read that all the makers are digital savvy and understand how to work with art for screens, which I think is cool. The installations at STRP are always very immersive experiences that leave a deep impression on me. So I'm just going to immerse myself in 3D worlds, video animations and interactive art made with bots. Also super fun: at the expo there will be an online bar that is open day and night."

June 3-6 | program



"How to move forward together as a society? I already asked myself that as a media studies student and it is a question that still plays an important role in my life. In addition to my work as a teacher, I put a lot of energy into queer platform DayDayGay. How do you bring about change, what lessons can we learn from recent activism, and how can you as a citizen make the digital age work for you? I hope to learn more about that in this interactive lecture. I also hope for totally new insights. Going home thinking: ‘hey, I hadn't thought about it like that before'. I think that is exactly what draws me to STRP every year. Because of that 'I hadn't thought about it like that-feeling’."

June 6 | 7:30 pm | tickets

Picture: Barbra Medo

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