STRP Festival | 3 Inside Tips

STRP Festival 2020 will continue, online! The programme has been transformed into a live stream, radio show and essays in only a short period of time. What remains is the central question: what is the role of humankind in relation to all forms of life on earth?

Tonight the three-day festival will kick off. We asked STRP’s communication manager Corina Maduro about the three things she's looking forward to the most.

1. Scenario #6 The End of the World (As we know it)

"Scenario #6 is the opening event of our online festival. I look forward to this dialogue. It’s good to reflect on the interconnectedness between people, objects, living things, atoms, and molecules. What does it mean to be human, plant or planet? What's it like to no longer be at the top of the pyramid as a human?

Because of COVID-19, STRP could not continue in its usual form. Everything about the festival is different now, but the content of our program hasn’t changed, it’s more relevant than ever. Scenario #6 is a conversation between four international thinkers that we're going to host via Zoom. Everyone can watch via the live stream on Facebook. I hope there will be a lot of interaction with the audience!"

April 2nd | 20:00-22:00 | livestream via Facebook

2. The Corona Essays

"I'm excited about these essays that we will published from Thursday onwards. There’s a great hunger for information in this day and age, but it can also be overwhelming and contradictory. It makes your head spin. We've asked several curious thinkers to write an essay on COVID-19 and post-anthropocene thinking. They can provide context, reflection, and contemplation in a confusing time."

The Corona Essays will be published on the website

3. Live radio broadcast STRP x Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee

"Originally the program 'Body / Head' by Femke Dekker and Arif Kornweitz was meant to be a live event in the chapel of DOMUSDELA, but now we're going to host this online as well. In a four-hour show they ask the question: can radio, in times of limited physical proximity, make a call to action for both body and mind? Hopefully the radio show as well as our other events will create a sense of togetherness too. And maybe offer some consolation.

April 3rd | 20:00-00:00 | livestream via Facebook

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