TAC2Go | 3 Inside Tips

The festival TAC2GO will take place from 3-5 July. This hybrid event offers an offline program during the day and continues as an online TV show in the evening. We talk to Davy de Lepper, head of communications and involved in the programming of the festival, about the three things he's looking forward to most. 

1. Opening with 'Confined.Work

"TAC2GO will show several exhibitions this year around the theme of 'waiting'. The work of Arvid&Marie, our opening event of the festival, fits in perfectly. I just love how they respond to how we have been working and living over the past months, in our living rooms, bedrooms and at our kitchen tables. In the run-up to the exhibition there was an open call with the question: what do you think of when you're isolated? Which virtual space is your escape?" People could send in 360º images of their workspace in isolation. Confined.Work has become an online group exhibition that translates our confined spaces and experiences into a virtual world.”

2. "Soon All This Will Be Picturesque Ruins"

"Designer Colin Keays designed a spatial installation that playfully responds to problems of gentrification and the declining presence of queer spaces in cities. A current example in Eindhoven is the Pallaz. The gay bar that was for sale and is now being transformed into a restaurant, so the nuisance would be less. With five videos and various objects, Colin shows fragments of a neighbourhood in Eindhoven where an accelerated process of renewal took place. I find it extraordinary how he adds an imagined history to a barn in Woensel, by means of scenographic interventions and performances.”

3. Night Pamphlet

"I'm also looking forward to the talk of ‘night mayor’ Siem Nozza on Sunday. A pamphlet for the night, divided into eight categories that discusses both practical matters and cultural deficits. An important aspect is, for example, the night desk, one central organisation that is responsible for both applications and permits and operates transparently. Siem also outlines a new vision together with his Night Committee: the night as an important cultural booster for Eindhoven. I see the night as a museum in which people from different backgrounds and ethnicities come together, making it relatively easy for cross-fertilization to take place and for new ideas to emerge. The night offers opportunities for innovation and experimentation.”

TAC2GO takes place during the weekend of 3-5 July. The offline program can be visited during the day in TAC, the online program starts every evening around 8pm and can be followed via Facebook.


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