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Playgrounds is a platform that showcases and celebrates the creative image. From animation, illustration and film to games and digital art. This week Playgrounds organizes The Art Department, a two-day festival where the international creative industry meets and mingles (online). Communication manager Paulien Mandos about the three things she's looking forward to most.

But first about the festival itself: at Playgrounds they are used to having a big event, and even in times of corona they managed to attract 30,000 visitors to online programs. With The Art Department the organization wants to experiment with a new hybrid concept. A large TV studio will be placed in the Klokgebouw, where a host will be connected to speakers in the studio and elsewhere in the world.

Martin Koolhoven

"One of the Netherlands' most successful directors is Martin Koolhoven. He will give two lectures that I am very much looking forward to. One talk is about storytelling, the other one is called Thinking Big. With the film Brimstone, Koolhoven worked with a budget of 15 million dollars. How do you handle a mega production like this? How do you discover new actors and how do you get the best out of your team? Koolhoven elaborates on all the choices he has made.

Gustav Hoegen

"Gustav Hoegen and Neal Scanlan did a fantastic job when they ran the Creature Effects department of the new Star Wars trilogy and of the two Star Wars spin-off films. After five years and hundreds of creatures aliens and droids, this chapter comes to an end. Meanwhile Hoegen started his own company in robotics ('animatronics') for the film industry. In his talk Hoegen discusses the highlights of his career and he takes the visitors along in the creative process.”

Vera van Wolferen

"We think it's very important to offer a stage to up-and-coming talents. Especially in this day and age, young makers find it difficult to connect with the industry, because there are simply no physical festivals and meetings. We have a talent program in which Vera van Wolferen also participated. During The Art Department she will present her debut film, which premiered at the Dutch Film Festival. We also call Vera our 'paper queen'. She is a great stop motion animator and knows how to use paper in both innovative and traditional ways.”

The Art Department will take place at the Klokgebouw on 8 + 9 October. The festival will be broadcasted live on three channels (free of charge) via Twitch. Check the site for more information.

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