From DomusDela to Klokgebouw: 9x works by Eindhoven-based architecture firms

The largest faculty of the TU/e is Architecture. Perhaps you know renowned architects such as Jo Coenen, Wiel Arets and Rudy Uytenhaak. They once studied at the TU/e and are known from works such as the Vesteda tower, the Utrecht university library and the Dutch embassy in Amman. But also younger alumni are now determining for the cityscape of Eindhoven and other cities. Curious which Eindhoven architectural firms are behind which projects in the city? We have created a handy overview for you.

Atelier to the Bone

Young agency that designs with heart and mind and has a great fascination for how people use their environment. They are involved in a project that will be launched in the years to come, called Vredeoord, on the site of the former Philips complex. A green district near the city where "everyone feels at home and integrated into the community, where children play around, entrepreneurs flourish and parents let their children grow up with peace of mind".


Established agency founded by TU/e alumni Paul Diederen and Bert Dirrix. If you want to discover recent work by these architects, you should definitely visit the newly opened DomusDela. The complex of the Paterskerk, the former Augustinianum and the Student Chapel has been transformed into a contemporary place where you can go for ceremonies and other gatherings. From mourning to marriage, and from concerts, congresses and lectures to church services. You can also spend the night in the accompanying hotel.


Also esponsible for the development of DomusDela is bureau Architecten|en|en. "Poetic and pragmatic" is their motto. You can also know them from projects such as local theatre Parktheater, the Klokgebouw, the Ventoseflat and primary school 't Karregat.

bygg architecture

Do you know the Verheven Huisjes (Elevated Houses)? Two typical workers' houses with a shared roof garden that have been placed on top of a building in Woensel West. It is one of the projects of bygg architecture. Another that you may be familiar with is the temporary village of Plug-in-City, which is located in the middle of Strijp-S. A creative living lab, workshop and event space and cultural centre.


Architectural office at Strijp-S that has projects all over the world in its portfolio, including a number of school buildings. A good example is primary school 't Hofke in Eindhoven, which was realised together with FAAM architects. A design that plays with the green environment in which the building is situated.


The work of the FAAM architects can be found in many prominent places in and around the city centre of Eindhoven. Think of the Klokgebouw, the Kazerne and the new (working)homes on the NRE site.

DomusDela: A place where all aspects of life are celebrated

Van Helmond

Many architecture projects are carried out in collaboration with several agencies. Van Helmond is also involved in the development of the Kazerne and the NRE site. Other work by Van Helmond that almost every inhabitant of Eindhoven will encounter is the design of the Inwonersplein (Residents’ Plaza), on the ground floor of the Eindhoven municipal office. The next time you come there, pay extra attention to the desk, where thousands of oak slats have been worked in such a way that the Eindhoven soil conditions appear in abstraction.

de bever architecten

The eye-catcher of Strijp-T is the former power plant with two chimneys. In collaboration with de bever, among others, this site has been transformed into the Innovation Powerhouse, where design agency VanBerlo now houses, but which is also an innovation campus and living lab for design and technology.

Houben / Van Mierlo

‘How Eindhoven became Innovation City’. With that headline, along with a photo of the 3D printed houses of the Milestone project, The Guardian published its longread about Eindhoven. For Milestone, Houben / Van Mierlo Architects works together with the Eindhoven University of Technology, which has been researching 3D printing techniques for years. The first house is expected to be printed in early 2020, and will be located in the Meerhoven district.

Van Aken

The Kennedy Tower, the upgrade of the Heuvel shopping centre, the ASML office tower and café de Vooruitgang: these are all projects made in collaboration with Van Aken. At the moment, the firm is busy working on project De Bakermat, in collaboration with designer Maarten Baas.  Fun fact: the architects also design for the Efteling theme park. So next time, when you're in the 37.5-metre freefall of the Baron, know you're in good hands...

Would you like to know more about architecture in Eindhoven? Our city guide Rik (also an architecture alumnus!) regularly posts tips for interesting places in the city to visit. Or check out the events at Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven.

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