Why Eindhoven?

Why Eindhoven? The combination of a small, liveable and easy-to-navigate city along with the presence of multiple world-class high-tech companies attracts many international startups and talents. Take a look at our top lists and other reasons to choose Eindhoven.

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5x Tech Podcasts
Tip van Rik_TU_Vertigo stairs

As the heart of Brainport and High Tech Campus as the smartest km² in Europe, we can safely say that Eindhoven is a city of technology. Reason for us to highlight five cool tech podcasts from Eindhoven. Tune in and get yourself educated!

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5x Book Clubs

Whether you're reading from your e-reader or buying an old-fashioned hard cover book, there's nothing better than losing yourself into a good story. It's even more fun to share your thoughts with other book lovers.

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