Why Eindhoven?

Why Eindhoven? The combination of a small, liveable and easy-to-navigate city along with the presence of multiple world-class high-tech companies attracts many international startups and talents. Take a look at our top lists and other reasons to choose Eindhoven.

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5x Social Designers

What exactly is social design? And how is it applied? In this article we explore the power of social design. Everything you always wanted to know about designers, platforms and developments from Eindhoven.

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5x Virtual Pub Quizzes

Desperate for a night of fun and meeting new people? We hear you. We suggest you try an online pub quiz. It’s safe, it’s fun and probably better than Netflix (again). We've listed five great Eindhoven initiatives for you.

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5x Must-sees at DDW TV

Dutch Design Week is a virtual design festival this year, with its very own TV studio. DDW TV brings you the best of design every day to your home. From intimate talk shows to inspiring conversations and lovely mini-docus.

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