Min Young x Carla and Jordan | Work in Progress

Every two weeks we ask a design or tech talent from Eindhoven about his or her work in progress. This time three young designers who collaborated with each other: Min Young Choi (Minyoung Korean Food Lab) and Carla Joachim and Jordan Morineau (Studio Joachim - Morineau)

Carla and Jordan designed a series of plates to serve Min Young's Korean desserts.

How do you know each other?

Jordan: "We met on the first day of the Design Academy Eindhoven."
Min Young: "Our English was equally bad."
Jordan: "Min Young really moves mountains, that's great to see. She runs her own restaurant in TAC. In addition, she recently graduated from the academy."

What are you currently working on?

Min Young: "I'm indeed a graduate of the DAE. And I'm also a chef. I have a restaurant where I serve Korean food. Mostly dishes from my homeland. I like to connect east and west."
Jordan: "Carla and I know each other from Paris."
Carla: "We both came to Eindhoven for the Design Academy."
Jordan: "We heard that what you learn here in three months, takes you two years somewhere else. That turned out to be true. It was a super intense process."
Carla: "We love post-graduate life, haha. It was a great time, but it's also great fun to run our own studio now. We both work three days at Shapeways, the rest of the time we spend on our company."
Jordan: "We make craft products in an innovative way, with a twist. Like this series of ceramic bowls for which we also designed the ceramic dripping machine."

Why did you start working together?

Min Young: "I really want to use my restaurant to give a stage to young designers. Food is an accessible way to present design to a large audience."
Carla: “It inspires us to make products in close cooperation with others. It's a way of working that generates good ideas faster than if you just keep things to yourself. Min Young constantly brings in new elements."

What inspires you in Eindhoven?

All three: "The people around us, the international vibe."
Carla: "Especially with the Dutch Design Week coming up again. At the DAE you will find students who are obsessed with art and design, where it is ok to be crazy."
Jordan: "I love how Eindhoven designers try to make the future."

How can we help you?

All three: “With interesting collabs!"
Min Young: "I'm looking for young designers who want to connect food and design together with me."
Jordan and Carla: "We like to get in touch with companies or designers to develop products together, just like we are doing now with Min Young, and most recently also with the new Benz restaurant in Eindhoven. Together with them we made a series of ceramic tableware to serve small dishes."


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