Study in Eindhoven

With this Quick Guide, we hope to answer frequently asked questions about studying in Eindhoven. From international bachelor and master programs to information about living in the city. Can’t find the answer to your question? Send us a message!

Picking a course

Why study in Eindhoven?

Europe. Holland. The Netherlands, if you will. The South-East. About an hour from London, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, and Copenhagen. Eindhoven is Holland’s 5th largest city and definitely the most exciting one. Check out what international media have to say about us.

Why should I study in Eindhoven?

We might be a relatively small city, but we play Champions League when it comes to design and technology. So, if you have groundbreaking ideas or ambitions on the intersection of those two you should definitely be here for study or business. And pleasure, of course.

What higher education institutions are there in Eindhoven?

In the Netherlands, we have two kinds of higher education institutions: universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). Eindhoven offers the following:

Design Academy Eindhoven is known worldwide for its influence on and relevance to the entire spectrum of design. The academy offers a 4-year bachelor's program and several master's programs.  

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering sciences. The university offers twelve bachelor's programs, nineteen master's programs and eight special master's programs.

Fontys University of Applied Sciences offers more than 200 full-time, part-time and dual programs at bachelor's level.

I am thinking of doing my Master’s or PhD in Eindhoven. What are my options?

Both Design Academy Eindhoven and Eindhoven University of Technology offer world class education. From Social Design to Data Science and Industrial Design to Automotive Technology. Have a look at their websites or find out about rankings using StudyPortals.

How can I apply for a study course in Eindhoven?

Registering for a study course is done through the chosen educational institution. Make sure you check where and when you need to apply in time to make sure your application is processed correctly. 


Do I need a visa or residence permit for the Netherlands?

In order to start studying in the Netherlands, you may need a visa. When you register for a study course, the institution will contact you to start the procedure. On the NUFFIC website, you can find out whether you need a visa or not. Please note: EU residents do not need a visa or work permit to study or work in the Netherlands.

Do I need to register with the municipality?

All international students staying in Eindhoven for more than four months need to register with the municipality of Eindhoven, within five days after your arrival.

Do I have to take out separate insurance?

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory to have healthcare and liability insurance, so it is important that you take out insurance before departure or immediately after arrival in the Netherlands. Students from EU countries can check their insurance in their own country to see if it covers their stay in the Netherlands.

How do I open a Dutch bank account?

We advise you to open a Dutch bank account, as not all international debit and credit cards are accepted in the Netherlands. The three best-known banks are ABN AMRO, ING, and Rabobank. In order to open a Dutch bank account, you must be registered with the municipality.

More information about visa and permits? It’s best to check out the latest information and all the nitty-gritty details for both students and startups.

Practical info

Is Eindhoven well connected?

Absolutely. Eindhoven Airport is the country’s second-largest airport and offers direct flights to more than 80 international destinations. By train or car, you’ll be in Amsterdam (incl. Schiphol Airport) within 1,5 hours. London and Copenhagen are just 1-hour flights.

What if I don’t speak any Dutch?

The Netherlands comes first in English proficiency for non-native countries. Eindhoven is an expat city and attracts international students from all over the world. With English as a common language. Both at the Design Academy and at Eindhoven University of Technology, English is the official working language. Eventually, you’ll pick up some Dutch language too, no worries!

Is Eindhoven an expensive city to live in?

Obviously, we’re less expensive than major hubs like London, Paris, and Amsterdam. The average rental price is about 42% lower (Pararius, 2017) than in Amsterdam, for instance. A pint will cost you €2,50. Some studies describe the expenses as ‘moderate’.

Can I find decent, affordable student housing in and around town?

Depending on what it is you’re looking for, you’ll probably need to put in some searching and networking to get it right. Eindhoven is booming but still offers fair opportunities. Take a look at our tips to find a place.

How do I get around in Eindhoven?

In and around Eindhoven you can easily and quickly travel by public transport. The city has two train stations, dozens of bus connections and plenty of taxis and Ubers available. You can plan your trip via the website of Dutch public transport requires a so-called OV-chipkaart, a smart card that can be used for bus, tram, train and metro services. Tourists can use single-use chipcard or an ‘anonymous OV-chipkaart’.

Where do I get a bicycle?

Join in with the locals and hop on a bike! Bicycles can be rented for a short period of time with the OV-fiets by NS, for a longer period we recommend Swapfiets. There are also plenty of shops where you can buy a bike. For about €100 you can get a decent second-hand one.

What is the weather like in Eindhoven?

Eindhoven has a pleasant, temperate maritime climate. Due to the favorable location of the city, temperatures are a bit higher and precipitation is just a bit lower than the average in the rest of the Netherlands. In summer the average temperature is between 20 and 25 ºC, in winter between 0 and 5 ºC.

Where can I best look for a part-time job?

Finding a part-time job can be challenging, especially if you do not speak Dutch. Most restaurants, cafes, etc. will require you to speak Dutch, but it is possible to find locations that do not (though Dutch language skills will always be a plus). Just walk in, browse Google or ask around in one of the many Facebook student communities.

Student life

Are there student associations in Eindhoven I can join?

While joining an association is not a requirement by any means, it is an easy way to meet new people and one of the best ways to experience student culture in Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a vibrant student city with many associations, including social clubs, study clubs, sports clubs and more.

Where can I get a (cheap) bite to eat in Eindhoven?

From pub food to fine dining, Eindhoven has a thriving food scene. Have look at our food guide, covering everything from breakfast to dinner and from coffee to beer. Looking for a low budget meal? Check out one of these seven places to get a cheap bite to eat.

What is there to do culturally?

Throughout the year there is plenty to do in the city in terms of culture. For example, you can visit one of Eindhoven's museums or design hotspots. You can also attend various theatre shows and live music performances throughout the year. Or visit one of the many events.

Which events can I go to?

Eindhoven is bursting with events. The city is mainly known for the annual Dutch Design Week and light art festival GLOW, but there's plenty to visit during the rest of the year as well. From food markets to urban culture events: take a look at our events calendar to see what's on. 

Where can I work out?

The Student Sports Center (SSC) offers sports programs for students of the Design Academy, Eindhoven Technical University and Fontys. Through the Student Sports Center, you come into contact with various student sports associations (SSV) and other sports. 

What is the Eindhoven nightlife like?

The center of Eindhoven has four different nightlife areas: the Markt, the Bergen, Stationskwartier and most famous: Stratumseind. Each area has its own atmosphere with bars, cafes, and clubs. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are traditionally the nights to go wild, but also for the rest of the days there are plenty of places to go and get a drink.

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