Sectie-C is a breeding ground for creativity, on the east side of Eindhoven. Four former factories have been transformed into studios, workshops, podiums, exhibition spaces and labs. Throughout the year you will find 180 creative entrepreneurs, artists, designers, musicians and craftsmen. Among others, Nacho Carbonell, Dave Hakkens, Niels Hoebers, Collaboration-O and VANTOT all have their studio at Sectie-C. During the annual Dutch Design Week in October, Sectie-C is one of the absolute highlights.

“There’s Sectie-C [...], where warehouse space has been converted into another network of design studios where you can find Dutch stars like Nacho Carbonell and Martens & Visser.” 
- Architectural Digest

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Plastic at the beach

Dave Hakkens

Interview about Precious Plastic

Bernhard Lenger_rights

Bernhard Lenger

Interview about studio Bernhard Lenger

Jelle Mastenbroek_Glassworks

Jelle Mastenbroek

Interview about Glassworks

Share the Vibe - Niels Hoebers

Niels Hoebers: Share the Vibe

Interview met Niels Hoebers