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Bio Art Laboratories

Jalila Essaïdi
talks about  
projects, talent
and plans
for the

World BBoy Classic

A Bboy (r)evolution

A portrait of four people working in the spotlight and behind the scenes of the World Championship Breakdance for duo's.




From an electric car that generates its own energy with built-in solar panels to a new platform for car sharing. In this short documentary, we will take you on a journey through tomorrow's mobility. 

Downtown Eindhoven

Winy Maas for Unfold

& Winy Maas

The cityscape of Downtown Eindhoven is changing rapidly. Winy Maas talks about the transformation and further development of the heart of the city, making it a better, greener, and more social place to live and work in.

Street Couture

Is there
such a
thing as
an Eindhoven

Beers, Beers, Beers

A peek into the 
local culture of
craft beers.

365 Days of Spring

and gastronomes
talk about
the world
of indoor

High Tech Campus

Bert Jan Woertman

& Bert Jan Woertman

In a world of companies clustering and turning into ecosystems, High Tech Campus has been around for decades. Former Marketing Director Bert-Jan Woertman tells us about the 'social machine' that is High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Latex, Stickers,

& Sell-outs

At the end of the 1980s, a graffiti scene that was innovative and raw emerged in the city. A portrait of a culture that likes to show itself, but doesn't necessarily wants to be seen.

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