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Beers, Beers, Beers

innovative and
easy-going: A
deep dive
into the
local beer

Downtown Eindhoven

Winy Maas for Unfold

& Winy Maas

The cityscape of Downtown Eindhoven is changing rapidly. Winy Maas talks about the transformation and further development of the heart of the city, making it a better, greener, and more social place to live and work in.

Latex, Stickers,

& Sell-outs

At the end of the 1980s, a graffiti scene that was innovative and raw emerged in the city. It set a standard in terms of style and forever changed the lives of some. A portrait of a culture that likes to show itself, but doesn't necessarily wants to be seen.

High Tech Campus

Bert Jan Woertman

& Bert Jan Woertman

Former Marketing Director and, to this day, frequent visitor Bert-Jan Woertman tells us about the 'social machine' that is High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

365 Days of Spring

Local entrepreneurs
and gastronomes
about the world
of indoor farming.

Here's to the future

Together with
its visitors,
STRP Festival
wants to explore
the future.

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