Street couture in Eindhoven

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Looking for fashion in the streets of Eindhoven is an exercise in looking closely. The first sight is that of a no-nonsense style. Above all, it has to be comfortable. Or as a Flemish passerby puts it: 'You wear whatever comes out of the closet first.’ But if you take a little longer, there’s more to discover.

We went out and talked to people in the streets of Eindhoven about what fashion means to them and stumbled upon some great stories. Read along and judge for yourself: is there such a thing as an Eindhoven style?

Jaimy | Nieuwe Emmasingel

“The waist bag is made by Steven Blanco, an Eindhoven-based artist. He sponsors my hip hop crew with clothing. Next month we will go to Blackpool in England for the World Hip Hop Championships. I dance at Cardo in Veldhoven. When I dance my clothes have to be comfortable. What my style is like otherwise? I think I always choose something slightly different from what others wear. Usually I buy my clothes at Stradivarius, Bershka and Subdued in Amsterdam.”

Marcia | 18 Septemberplein

“My father is Italian, my mother is from the Dominican Republic. That's where I was born too, in the capital Santo Domingo. Fifteen years ago I came to Eindhoven for love. For me it is the most beautiful city in the world. My style? Spanish, I think. I love bling-bling. I like to shop at Primark and in the past at Coolcat. I never buy clothes on the street market, because you know for sure you can throw them away after washing them once. Even in this warm weather, I like to wear something with long sleeves, and a cap.”

Fonn, Guillaume en Cas | Nieuwe Emmasingel

"The further south you go, the more beautiful people are dressed.” For Fonn and Guillaume, both from Maaseik in Belgium, Eindhoven is a city in the far north. “The style of the people of Eindhoven is a bit messy. Whatever comes out of your closet first is what you wear, it seems. Yet we always like to come here. Eindhoven is great for shopping. Nice and compact, everything is within close distance. From large chains to small shops. Today we‘re on the hunt for a nice sweater with Homer Simpson on it for Cas.”

Alicia | Lichtplein

“Last year I graduated from the Art Academy in Arnhem on a fashion project to make new textiles from waste plastic. From the new material I made designs for jackets and other clothing items, but it was mainly about making people look differently at waste. Now I'm working with Dave Hakkens on the next step of the project. We want to show the first results during the Dutch Design Week in October. His Precious Plastic project is a great initiative that has led to the creation of an entire community. The cooperation is on the basis of board and lodging. Every day three vegan chefs prepare a delicious meal for us. I also work in the TextielLab of the Design Academy Eindhoven.”

Thierry | Emmasingel

"Fashion is trying stuff that has never been tried before. For me that's the essence, playing with clothes and making new combinations. My roots are in Congo, dressing beautifully and eccentrically is part of the culture. I see fashion as a form of art, even shopping is something I prepare for. I know in advance exactly what I want."

Jaimy en Laura | Stationsplein

Yeezy, Vans, Lotto, Santa Cruz, Fila, Lacoste, Huf, North Face, is the best summary of Jaimy’s and Laura's wardrobe. "We shop at Snipes and JD, but also at H&M, C&A and sometimes at the Bijenkorf. Actually, our clothing is quite basic, very eccentric doesn't really suit us. We bought our skateboards online from Skatedelux, the wheels are from 100% Skateboardshop in Eindhoven."

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