High Tech Campus & Bert-Jan Woertman

listening time 12 minutes

March 25 ––  2019

In a world of companies clustering and turning into ecosystems, High Tech Campus has been around for decades. 12,000 people from home and abroad work on developing future technologies and products. Former Marketing Director and, to this day, frequent visitor Bert-Jan Woertman tells us about the 'social machine' that is High Tech Campus Eindhoven.

Your host Marijn van der Poll

High Tech Campus Eindhoven & Bert-Jan Woertman

Marijn van der Poll is a Design Academy Eindhoven alumnus and co-founder of vanderPolloffice, a multidisciplinary design studio based in Eindhoven. Every month, Marijn presents a new Unfold podcast, in which his guests share their view on the developments in local breeding grounds and innovation hotspots.

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