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Eindhoven is King

Eindhoven = King parties

Everyone in Eindhoven = KING. The city has been celebrating the Dutch King's birthday for years, with King's Night on 26 April and King's Day on 27 April. Check out these parties!

8x Easter weekend activities

Eindhoven activities and Easter brunches for you to enjoy your sunny weekend!


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10 reasons to visit Eindhoven

Eindhoven is bursting with energy. And we are glad to share it with you. 

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Pop Boutique Salon

Eindhoven is a city with many faces: Faces of Eindhoven. Literally. A city where young and old come together in a mix of 170 nationalities.

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Woensel-West District

Woensel-West is a colorful and lively area, with a mix of cultures, beginning artists, young families, creatives and children playing outside.

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Step into the bustling nightlife of Eindhoven. The wide range of clubs, bars and pubs in Eindhoven offers something for everyone.



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