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This is CoffeeLab

CoffeeLab does not need an introduction for most Eindhoven residents. Until recently, the coffee bar near the station was a frequently visited spot for many coffee lovers. The regulars can breathe a sigh of relief: CoffeeLab is back!

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This is Mathilde

Where do you go for enjoying a drink, including enjoying some tasty dishes? That’s exactly what Brigitte Jaspers, co-owner of Mathilde, and her partners thought. The idea for a nice bar with a city vibe was born.

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This is Mood Street Food

Yet another Mood restaurant has opened in Eindhoven. We already know about their fine dining and renowned sushi boats, but this spring Eveline Wu opened a restaurant just for street food. Restaurant manager Romy takes us along the journey!

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This is Mooie Boules

Name a place in Eindhoven where you can play Dutch and English board games, operate your own beer tap as a group, improve your pétanque technique, eat, sing some karaoke and just have a lot of fun. We will give you the answer: Mooie Boules.

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