Blank Space | A Tip from Rik

To be able to get a little bit of Dutch Design Week in your home, Rik shares his new tip. We’re talking about the annual magazine and platform 'Blank Space' from Eindhoven, where designers get space to ask questions, discuss, and experiment with fellow designers. With Blank Space Magazine #3 'NON-NUCLEAR' on the (online) shelves, you're only one virtual click away from a whole lot of design in paper form.

An empty Sheet

Where Blank Space started two years ago from scratch, a figurative empty space, they have managed to interpret that space nicely. Designers, creatives, and design enthusiasts, among others, were enthusiastic about a 'place' like this. Now with dozens of stories, their range is greater than Sectie-C alone and greater than Eindhoven even. They, including editor in chief Mats Horbach, filled that paper-based empty space with the stories of Blank Space. It's not an unknown phenomenon in Eindhoven to start something out of nothing. We don’t wait for it to happen, instead, we create it ourselves. And just like that, Blank Space now released their third issue, initiated completely on their own. 


The world is changing and 2020 is proof of that. Designers are constantly in a whirlwind of events. Taking a closer look into what is happening in the world and how they can improve it, resulting in different solutions. In their own words: one designer does it with a bang (nuclear), the other in a soft, nuanced way (non-nuclear). The same applies to what’s happening every year during the DDW. Here, all kinds of processes and thoughts that unconsciously have common ground and offer solutions in different interpretations, are on display for nine days straight.

Share the Vibe

Blank Space likes to share their self-created stage with others. In this issue, you can read about inclusive platform Plasma and our own 'Share the Vibe', another format on The latter gives creators the creative freedom to work with the open-source logo of Eindhoven. In all kinds of ways, Eindhoven is openly shared with the world. That’s why small numbers of Issue #3 will be sent to homes all over the world.

Don't have the magazine yet? Then order it quickly! If you are looking for more reading material in the direction of design, art, and critical thoughts, Rik would like to refer you to one of his previous tips: KONT magazine

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​ 

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