Buurtfiguren | A Tip from Rik

This week, Rik carefully heads outside with the help of his latest discovery: Buurtfiguur. He takes us to his familiar neighborhood and a former tip called Woensel West. Where Tante Netty’s playful AR quest is ready to be discovered.

Wonderful Woensel 

Rik likes to take you westwards to the district Woensel West. A district where a lot of hard work has been done in recent years to improve its image. There, Tante Netty makes colorful contributions in the form of social design. You may be familiar with the Woensel Supertoll project. A temporary project that resulted in a permanent work of art made with the help of locals, which can also be viewed in the Van Abbemuseum. Even though Tante Netty is not a real aunt, the small organization unifies the neighborhood with its artistic interventions. This energy is tangible throughout Woensel and is now also reflected in a recent project called 'Buurtfiguur' (Neighborhood Figure). 

Extraordinary figures

Go on a solo discovery trip to find all buurtfiguren (neighborhood figures), just like Rik. In this way, an ordinary walk turns into an exciting adventure. ‘Buurtfiguur' is a project in which the Edisonplein is enriched by special shapes in striking colors. Close by these figures, digital sounds are hidden that are characteristic for the Woensel West, chosen by the residents themselves. The Hidden Tracks Eindhoven City app helps you during this journey and guides you from sound to sound. The sounds are so mundane that they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing! Once you've discovered a sound, your digital Woensel West passport is enriched with a special stamp. Where the neighborhood figures are made physically on for example the square, the app reveals a new dimension using hidden AR figures. It’s not only an enrichment for your walk but also a playful way for everyone to discover the neighborhood. To make your exploration as smooth as possible, keep the app open during the entire journey. This app makes you feel adventurous, but it's wise to take your eyes off the screen once in a while. Especially when you're crossing the street. Haven't finished exploring yet? In the app, you'll find many more hidden tracks, such as ‘de Vloek van het Vuur’ by Eindhoven247!

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​

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