DayDayGay | A Tip from Rik

What started in 2017 as a one-off program during Dutch Design Week, has now grown into an independent association. With events such as exhibitions, workshops, and parties, DayDayGay provides more fun and queer representation in Eindhoven. Rik tells us more.

Memorable Events

As manager of the glass pavilion, it was Bas Berends who was allowed to allocate a part of Plug In City each year during the annual DDW. An opportunity, an idea of a (temporary) gay bar, and a text message to friend Brendan Vos resulted in already three years of DayDayGay. This one-time pop-up concept with a pun as their name is now a permanent fixture on the events calendar. From parties to movie nights and from workshops to the memorable Dragqueen Story Hour: the events are witty, cultural, and diverse.

Creative Freedom

One of the reasons that DayDayGay organizes such a wide variety of events is their openness to others. They have had many crossovers with other organizations, such as the RGB-café and Plasma in Eindhoven. But you can find them also across our city’s borders at Café de Plak in Nijmegen and even the well-known festival Zwarte Cross. Unfortunately Zwarte Cross didn’t happen this year but to stay in the festival mood Rik suggests going to the newest edition of the Summer Piknic. And don’t miss out on listening to the Share the Vibe playlist created by house dragqueen Cindy van der Loon.

Safe Space

Their openness attracts a lot of positive energy. The hospitality and international ambiances are real strengths and immediately perceptible during all events. The emphasis is of course on queerness, but everybody is welcome. Can't wait to drop by or contribute? Send an email or Facebook message for an appointment, coffee, or phone call or set up your picnic basket and meet all this fun at their upcoming event.

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​ 

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