De Sociale Dienst | A Tip from Rik

Eindhoven is becoming increasingly diverse in terms of nightlife. Besides the standard nightlife areas, there are now more and more places where you can visit underground parties. One of them is De Sociale Dienst (social service). Rik leads the way.

Café meets bar

This cultural café meets bar is located on the Deken van Somerenstraat, a side street of the Grote Berg. You can recognise the entrance by the Sesame Street-like sign above the door. In the past, this used to be the social service of Eindhoven, a place for people who needed social assistance. Later the Archaeological Centre moved in. During Rik's first visit to this location he actually attended a reading about the history of Eindhoven. Nowadays you are likely to meet him there on weekends at parties and events.

Busy and alternating programme

So what exactly is De Sociale Dienst? A busy and alternating programme full of artistic efforts, sometimes food, always drinks, and lots of music, provided by DJs and live acts. Upstairs you will find a second-hand night shop: the 2ndH@nd Nightshop, initiated by artists, designers, and local enthusiasts. Because they believe that you should also be able to shop sustainably outside office hours.

Would you like to see it for yourself? Both during the day and in the evening you can walk in to have a look, enjoy a cup of coffee, get creative or play a board game. Check their Facebook page for an up-to-date overview of upcoming events.

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​