KEVN | A Tip from Rik

After two years of rebuilding, making plans, and running a few trial days, the official moving announcement of KEVN is here. And with already twelve years on the counter as a cultural meeting place, it's high time that Rik drops by for a cup of coffee. Not only do they have all sorts of drinks, but you can also have a fresh bite or just plop down on a couch. From today you will also be able to visit different expositions, such as ‘Data West’ by ‘Tante Netty’. In this project, 8 designers turned data from the neighborhood into artful projects.

Old acquaintance

It’s not the first time KEVN and this neighborhood meeting up. About twelve years ago, owners Yingyi and Erik already managed to get property just a few steps away from the current location. Like a whirlwind, they moved through the city, or as they describe their journey themselves: born at the intersection of the Keldermansstraat and Willem van Noortlaan, raised on the NRE site, and now back to settle indefinitely in familiar Woensel-West. KEVN might have settled down a bit but it never gets boring. 

Crystal clear vision

You can raise your glasses to ‘eternal youth’ with the eponymous IPA. This time you can enjoy it at the professionally installed bar, on the lounge, or at a cozy table under the wooden arches in the glass extension. After all these years, the openness of this creative hub has remained as barrier-free as ever, and the quality of the expos might be even better. Everyone can just walk in and get acquainted with beautiful art and design projects all year round.

The aunt of KEVN

In the existing school building, they have three rooms at their disposal, including an old gymnasium, which will be used for exhibitions, parties, and - who knows - a ball pit. For the opening exhibition, ‘Tante Netty’ was asked. For a decade now, Tante Netty has been developing Woensel-West with the help of social design. Mix the two together: some creative freedom, art, creators, and, of course, a sprinkle of Woensel, and you will get the exhibition called Data-West where data is translated into a range of design projects. The expo is open till the 1st of November. 

An extra tip from Rik: their next exhibitions have already been confirmed. So, stop by soon, the coffee, beer, and sandwiches are waiting for you. 

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​ 


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