Love My Curry | a tip from Rik

When Rik is doing his tours along the smartest places of Eindhoven, the High Tech Campus never fails the list. More than 140 innovative companies are located here, and are often mentioned by international media (for example: a new system for car sharing or smart underwear for women dealing with incontinence). Many people don’t know that you can also go to the Campus for some delicious food. Because who can work on groundbreaking innovations on an empty stomach? That’s why today, our tour guide shares a culinary tip: an Indian meal at Love My Curry.

Smartest square kilometer

Let’s go back to the High Tech Campus for a sec, as the Campus in itself is worth a visit. A group of impressive buildings amidst the greenery. The area is also called ‘the smartest square kilometer in Europe’, given the number of patents produced here on a daily basis. Central of the campus, you'll find the Strip. A long street with restaurants and coffee bars. Rik tells us that is is a place that has been carefully designed. And that design meant the end of separate company canteens. Everyone heads towards the Strip around lunchtime now.

Indian food

The High Tech Campus was once the domain of Natlab, Philips' renowned Dutch research department. At the beginning of this century, the site opened up for other companies. It is now home to an eclectic group of startups, scale-ups and large corporates. All focusing on high tech innovations. The engineers, software developers and designers working at these companies come from all over the world. And you can see that in the offer of eateries. When an employee cuisine survey was conducted, Indian food topped the list. And the rest is history.

Love my Curry

Love my Curry, which has been open for a few years now, is indeed a little India in Eindhoven. With Raghu Bhagirath from New Delhi as illustrious chef. On the Strip you will also find several other spots, such as Starbucks and Subway, but also the Colour Kitchen where you can have a lunch and a nice glass of wine. The Strip is also open for non-employees, so you don't have to work there to go and enjoy a nice curry!

Rik studeerde architectuur en is onder andere stadsgids bij EHV365. Elke twee weken deelt hij een tip.