lxhxb | A Tip from Rik

For Rik's new tip, you stroll down to the Geldropseweg, for art gallery lxhxb. Here you won't easily come across a mathematical formula as the name might suggest, but a new-found art gallery with an eye for materialities. Rik explored every inch of this new place and tells you why you should definitely pay a visit to lxhxb.

Approachable Art

For many art lovers, the Van Abbemuseum is the ultimate highlight in Eindhoven, but in addition to the established names, Eindhoven also has all kinds of exhibition spaces, galleries, and cultural institutions where you are exposed to the artistic side of the city. Take for example Rik's previous tips like the Temporary Art Centre (TAC), KEVN, and De Fabriek. New to this list is lxhxb. For this tip, you have to go off the beaten paths but that makes it even more exciting. And you’re in luck. As ‘scary’ as an art gallery may sound, this one, like the other galleries in Eindhoven, is very approachable; everyone can and may enjoy the art here. 

High Platform

Where everyone is allowed to come in and enjoy art, everyone is also allowed to exhibit art at lxhxb. Rik sums it up perfectly: the gallery also functions as a platform for a varied group of artists. Guus van der Velden, owner and artist himself (he graduated from the academy in Ghent), wants to put art in the spotlight in the 'design capital' of the Netherlands. He does so by means of small, but special exhibitions. Every few weeks, old acquaintances, new faces, artists of national or international origin, large and small, are given the opportunity to use the gallery space in whatever way they like. Murals, a specific page from a book, or even an enlarged portrait, everything is possible. Good to know is that all the work on display is actually for sale. Technically, you could go window shopping here.

The white and grey space may not be large, but the initiative creates a more visible and open landscape regarding art. Next January you will visit lxhxb for a series of small exhibitions. Now, you’re able to admire a transparent bookcase with the above-mentioned page on display and an old-fashioned choker in the exhibition called ‘a line is a breadthless length’. And don’t forget to have a look at the permanent bookshelf at the back of the gallery. There are some interesting stories to tell.

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​ 

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