Onomatopee | a tip from Rik

Internationally renowned, probably more than in Eindhoven itself. Even city guide Rik looks surprised when he finds a book by his favorite artist (Navid Nuur). “Did you also make this?” We are at Onomatopee on the Willemstraat. Rik: "This really is a hidden gem when it comes to art and design in Eindhoven.”

Onomatopee was founded eleven years ago as a public space and publisher. The foundation wants to give artists a sustainable platform with the combination of exhibition and book publishing. Curator Pernilla explains that the team focuses on social themes such as feminism and the role of designers in society. Every six weeks there is a new exhibition, in which artists are asked to reflect on the subject.

Next to being a gallery, there are the publications. Right at the entrance you’ll find beautifully designed books. Onomatopee works with both local distributors and abroad. The Eindhoven publications can be found all over the world, including the MoMa in New York.

The art of printing is also shared with students from the Design Academy Eindhoven and the Art Academy. There are regular workshops on publishing and printing techniques. An important role is played by the Riso printer at the back of the gallery. The device is used for silkscreenlike techniques and is one of the few Riso printers in Brabant.

Before Rik takes us to the next place, Pernilla wants to tell us one more thing. “I think it's important to say that all our exhibitions are for free. We like this to be an accessible place, even if you’re not that much into art and design.”

Onomatopee also regularly organises parties and presentations. Last week there was a well-attended karaoke evening. Those who were there could have heard Pernilla sing “I'm alive” by Celine Dion. A big smile appears on the face of city guide Rik. We will come back for sure.

Onamatopee | Willemstaat 27 | Open from Thur - Sun from 1 pm - 5 pm

Rik studied architecture and is also a city guide at EHV365. Every two weeks he shares a tip.