Pinkie Patisserie | A Tip from Rik

Rik celebrated his birthday this week and as we all know it’s not a party without cake. That's why he went to visit Pinkie Patisserie, an established name in Eindhoven for all kinds of pastries. Nowadays you can find them on the Stratumsedijk, in a building as elegant as the goodies themselves.

Old building, new look

For years owner Ruud Adriaens could be found as a chef at restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. For the last ten years, he’s been the pastry chef of his own business called Pinkie Patisserie. As of this spring, his new location can be found in a different district of Eindhoven, namely Stratum. It’s a five minutes walk from Saint Catherine’s Church. Once in front of the building, some passers-by might recognize the building as the Pharmacy Bosman, who has been located there for around 60 years.

Pastry heaven

Now it’s Pinkies’ turn. With showcases (color coordinated) full of chocolates, pastries, cakes, and pies you only have to set one foot inside and you’ll imagine yourself in pastry heaven. Normally you can taste them in between the pink interior, the sweet scent of freshly made goodies with a complimentary drink during a visit, or an elaborate high-tea. But for the time being, you can do both at home. Whichever pastry you choose, they all consist of three main ingredients: playfulness, experimentation, and lots of flavors.

Goodies all over

With the bakery in Veldhoven and many other activities in the city, Pinkie has become a household name in the city (and its surroundings) according to Rik. So you don't even have to go to their own store to get yourself a creation made by Ruud. No, also at 't Koffiehuisje, ZwartWit Koffie, and Meneer de Boer, to name just a few, you can get a piece of the unmatched carrot cake. With so many spots, their own store and bakery, there's plenty of work, but there's always room for a few things: looking for inspiration, testing, and of course playing with the kids, better known as the Pinkies, hence the name. 

Meanwhile, Rik has found the perfect birthday cake! Want to treat yourself after this week’s tip? Then order from their new holiday assortment or opt for one of the classics.

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​ 


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