Pubquiz040 | A Tip from Rik

These turbulent times call for original solutions. More and more entrepreneurs are taking their business online. So does Rik's new Tip: Pubquiz040. With the regular pub quiz-host of both de Wildeman and café the Jack, you can now join in digitally every Wednesday evening.

On a Weekday

It is Jeroen Tielemans who transformed Tuesday evening at the Markt into 'Tuesday pub quiz day'. The idea, copied from his time in England, not only turns out to be a good excuse to have a beer on a weekday, but it is also a surprisingly nice change from the normal bar nights with friends. The Pubquiz040 might just be the most popular pub quiz in Eindhoven and surroundings and therefore, can’t be missed during this quarantine. That's why you’ll find them live on the internet every week from now on. Not only as a small mental break but also to keep in touch with their regular audience. Whereas the group of participants usually consists of a well-stocked pub with about a hundred fanatics, now an average of about seven to ten times more quizzers participate in the local quiz. Proof that the online pub quiz is the answer to the social animal's desire.


Throwback to a pubquiz at de Zwarte Doos


Pub quiz without a pub quiz

For a pub quiz to be a pub quiz it has to comply with two unofficial rules: 1. there must be a quiz and 2. it must take place in a pub. Almost impossible when cafes are not allowed to open up for customers. But there are solutions for that as well. In the pub quiz without a pub quiz, an empty pub is not inferior to a full pub and a green screen with bar noises works just about right. With changing decor and new subjects, the audience has a different experience every time they play along. All thanks to the aforementioned Jeroen as the quizmaster and the other Jeroen, full name: Jeroen van Dorst, who keeps an eye on the comments and questions as moderator behind the scenes. Very handy when the sound is unconsciously turned off. So, mark Wednesday night as a virtual pub quiz night in your agenda or request a personalized company quiz for you and your colleagues to play on any random day!

Help these pub quizzers and buy an online pub quiz or donate here!

Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every two weeks he shares a tip.​


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