Street art | a tip from Rik

Coming from the city center and going to the Van Abbemuseum, you basically have two options. Take the Stratumseind route or choose the Red Carpet. With Rik, we are going for option number two.

Ehh, the Red Carpet? Take a closer look. Facing away from the church, you can see the red stones that together form the Red Carpet, connecting the city center with the Van Abbe Museum. Follow the line of T-shaped street lights that direct you towards the Dommel. On the way you'll find several art objects.

The mini art route features work by two artists: Matt Mullican and Lawrence Steiner. Mullican's designs and symbols appear along the way. On the facade on the left, for example, you can see the neon sculpture ‘De Wereldkaart’ (The World Map). Halfway, under the roof of the courthouse you can see a cassette ceiling created by him. And just around the corner on the left, there is a map of the city center of Eindhoven on the ground.

Steiner's works include philosophical texts, such as those on the wishing well/ashtray, in front of the courthouse. Translated, it says:

Wish for something up (in) the air down on (in) the ground / get something / up (in) the air down on (in) the ground

If you need more time to think about that: the nearest bar is on your right side, pop-up restaurant Wall Street. An overview of all art objects can be found right at the start. Next to the first street light at the St. Catharine’s church is a sign with more information.  


photo by Frans van Beers | Eindhoven in beeld

Rik studied architecture and is, among other things, a city guide at EHV365. Every two weeks he shares a tip.