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It's time for a party! Or rather, a farewell party. The Temporary Art Centre, one of Rik's favorite cultural places, will be (temporarily) gone, and he's not going to let that go unnoticed. Relive some special memories, rummage around in the studios, and toast on the future with his tip for this month: TAC WAS HERE




A quick memory refresher: you know TAC as an innovative breeding ground for young artists and designers located on Vonderweg. The historical building, the former Philips staff shop, was the home to a diverse collective of creative people. It was also perfectly suitable for exhibitions, cultural experiments, and as a stage for talents during the annual Dutch Design Week. Now the cultural activities are on hold because they will build the future of TAC: TAC 2.0.

TAC 2.0

And that is not unexpected. Over the years, the titles of their 'weekenders' revealed what was going on. It started with a first hint: TAC 2 STAY, which later changed into TAC 2 GO, and the rest is history. TAC may stay but in a new form. Therefore, the current residents need to move to various locations throughout the city for the coming three years. The old Kronehoef school building will be the new temporary home for many studio owners; the rest can be found at Sectie-C. For expos, performances, parties, and lots of fun, they will be working together with the High Tech Campus and United Cowboys.


But before that happens, you can have one last drink at TAC during the closing event TAC WAS HERE. Because forgetting is not an option, as the board and residents agree. That is why everyone (with a ticket) is invited to the mini-festival on June 26 and 27. Want a forecast of the farewell festival? Expect lots of exhibitions, unique glimpses of the studios (don't forget to spot the most memorable moments of the studio owners), and fun in the connecting heart of TAC: the cozy inner garden. See you again, TAC. 


Rik studied architecture and is a city guide in Eindhoven. Every month he shares a tip.​ 

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