Testing Tuesday at EMMA | a tip from Rik

Eindhoven is an unconventional and energetic city in many ways. And definitely  when it comes to food. Take restaurant EMMA, for example. Mouthwatering dishes made with just a few ingredients. Every Tuesday you will find EMMA’s chef experimenting with new flavours and combinations when he serves his ‘testing menu’ for a special price. While you’re tasting the menu, don’t forget to fill in the evaluation form. The chef would be happy to receive your feedback! The whole idea is to create new exciting dishes together with customers. Testing Tuesday at EMMA is an experimental and tasty experience for sure.

Ruud Adriaens, chef and owner of EMMA, shows us last week's feedback forms. “Speechless" is a word written down on one of them. A great compliment (probably), though Ruud is more eager to learn what his customers think of his new dishes in more detail so he can really take his food to the next level.

It takes three to four people in the kitchen for one dish to be ready to serve. A constantly changing menu is therefore quite a logistical challenge. But it also makes his job so much more enjoyable. "For us it is always a fresh start of the week. We sit together after the weekend and look forward. What new things are we going to try this week? Testing Tuesdays are our crazy food ideas touching a plate for the first time.”

Simplicity is definitely one of the trademarks of EMMA. It means you can really taste every single ingredient. You won’t find the peas on your plate completely covered with sauces and spices. They remain ‘authentic’, and perfectly matched with other ingredients. Simplicity is also the way to go on the menu, where you will find the selection of dishes described in just a few words: Wolffish | turnip | almond. Or: Coquille | pea | sorrel.

At the back of this stylish restaurant is an indoor greenhouse where Ruud grows his own herbs and leafy vegetables under Philips LED lights. It is a sustainable way of 'agriculture' and saves about 80% of water. You can also influence the taste by adjusting the lights. Ruud looks happy: "We can really make the basil taste as if it had been picked in the south of France.”

Under one roof with EMMA is Pinkie Patisserie, a great place for petit fours and yummy cakes. But the pastry chefs also add their magical touch to the desserts on the menu. What to think of: strawberry | asparagus | elderflower | hüttenkäse?

Rik studied architecture and is also an Eindhoven city guide. He shares a new tip every other week.