This is B&B De Eindhovenaar

If you’re looking for a city break full of surprises, Eindhoven is your choice. Even more so than in other Dutch cities, the city allows you to explore tons of hidden gems. Myke Hageman from B&B De Eindhovenaar*, a bed and breakfast in the city center, welcomes visitors from all over the world.

"We really let our visitors feel like an ‘Eindhovenaar’. They stay in one of our seven apartments for a few days and experience the city as a local. We are not a traditional B&B, but an urban one. As a visitor you have access to all facilities, such as a private living room, kitchen, and bedroom. We also welcome a lot of people away on business. They like to stay in the center of Eindhoven and have all the comforts of this B&B.”

Bed and breakfast with an Eindhoven touch

All apartments, varying in price and size, have their own style and name. You stay in the Frits, Piet, Peer, Rob, Coen, Rudi, or Theo. Names that ring a bell with people from Eindhoven. "Even our loan bike has an Eindhoven name. Her name is Lenny de Leenfiets, haha. And with the graphic design of Jetty van Wezel, we give the interior of the apartments an extra Eindhoven touch." The B&B offers their guests tips by locals and in the hall downstairs, you’ll find an enlarged floor plan with hotspots. Where can you go for a nice meal? Where can you play sports? What are the must-sees? "Because of these tips, you’ll visit places off the beaten track. It’s extra fun to discover a city if you feel like a real Eindhovenaar for a few days. "

Giving back to the city

We are in a bed and breakfast. What about the breakfast part? "You can have breakfast at Meneer de Boer, a diner cross the street, prepare your own breakfast in the kitchen of your apartment, or find a place in the city. It is entirely up to the visitor. We work together with a number of local restaurants and shops. The guests are welcomed at restaurant De Karseboom, which is also across the street. I also have a lot of personal contact with the guests. They can reach me 24 hours a day. And then there is De Eindhovenaar on Stage in our display window on the ground floor. We make it available to local artists, free of charge. This way we also give back to the city. "

*inhabitant of Eindhoven