This is Belgisch Bier Café

In the new Belgian beer café on Stratumseind, you feel like you are in a pub in Ghent or Bruges. The entire interior, the dishes on the menu and of course the beers on tap and per bottle take you across the border to our southern neighbors.

Owner Roland: “It’s currently a trend to go crazy when it comes to brewing beer, with all sorts of distinct flavors. With Belgisch Bier Café, we want to go back to the basics of craft beers.”

Feel like you are in Ghent or Bruges on Stratumseind

Belgian recipes

Those who have ever been to an authentic beer café in Belgium, immediately recognize the typical atmosphere and style. Robust, lots of wood, ornaments on the walls and flags of the various provinces on the ceiling. “Here it is anything but tight and modern. It's just a fun and friendly atmosphere”, Roland laughs. You can see the chef at work in the open kitchen. “Food is an important part of our business. We are true Burgundians. We serve dishes based on Belgian recipes, but with our own twist. On our menu, you can find, among other things, a stew prepared with Belgian beer, chicken fillet with abbey cheese and creamy beer sauce and mussels. All honest and tasty dishes.”

272 beers

The bar offers more than 22 draught beers, including a striking tap for Gulden Draak, of course in the shape of a dragon and one for Delirium decorated with the famous pink elephant. “Of course we tap well-known Belgian brands such as Duvel, La Chouffe and Delirium, but also special gems. In addition to the 22 different draught beers, we have another 250 different bottled beers. Stella Artois is our house beer and we are the only one in Eindhoven and far beyond that sells it. A nice fresh lager with a slightly bitter taste, delicious!” Getting thirsty yet?

A glass for a shoe

The beers are served in matching glasses. These glasses, certainly the special ones, are very popular. “In Belgian cafés, it is very normal to ask for a deposit for expensive and special glasses. No money, but a shoe from the person who orders the beer. That is also the case at our place. If you order a special beer, then your shoe will be placed in a basket behind the bar and when the glass is returned you will get it back.”

Take a picture

Are you curious about Belgisch Bier Café? The big red arrow is in front of the bar, so you cannot miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of Belgisch Bier Café, share the picture on social media and by showing your photo you will get a glass of Stella Artois on the house.

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