This is Bloemisterij Hartogs

On the Kleine Berg part of district De Bergen, between the fashionable shops, good coffee, and delicious food, there’s a new shop specialized in all things flowers. Michelle Hartogs opened her flower shop ‘Bloemisterij Hartogs’ last June. What to expect? Long rows of fresh flowers in all kinds of colors, beautiful plants, and dried and silk flowers. The on-trend bouquets are quite popular but Michelle knows how to create something beautiful for everyone. Here you are guaranteed to take home something special!

Long rows of fresh flowers in all kinds of colors.

Bloemisterij Hartogs

Q: What makes Bloemisterij Hartogs a real Eindhoven hotspot?

A: I am very happy that I was able to open a flower shop in the nicest street in Eindhoven. You will find many young entrepreneurs here and together we have a lot of fun. Things moved quickly from the moment I saw that this building was available. I immediately knew that I wanted to open my shop here.

Q: What is your favorite memory of this spot?

A: That must be the warm welcome from the fellow entrepreneurs here in the street. Everyone was immediately enthusiastic that I joined them. The local residents are also happy that I am here. Many of them regularly come in to buy something nice from me.

Q: Do you stay in shape thanks to your work?

A: My shop is open seven days a week, you can find me here every day. I buy fresh flowers in the morning and take them to the shop. Then I prepare everything. There are also plants and accessories on display outside every day, so setting it up is a workout in and of itself. During the day, I make a lot of bouquets, so the stems I cut could end up on the floor. When the store closes, I sweep so I can have a fresh start the next day. I am getting plenty of exercise here!

Q: Were you able to open your store in a festive way?

A: That was quite a challenge with all the current measures. I wanted to celebrate, but I didn’t want a lot of people to stay for a long time. That is simply not possible now. It was exciting for me when the day of the opening came closer and closer. I lived towards it immensely. I am quite a perfectionist, so I really wanted everything to go well. I enjoyed it to the fullest!

Q: Tell me, do you ever get compliments here?

A: One of the nicest compliments I received a little while back came from a customer who often drinks a coffee at my neighbors of Lucifer. He popped in to say that he noticed me doing all the preparations every morning and admired my drive. I work hard because I want to make this shop a success, so it’s very nice when someone notices that and makes an effort to come in and tell me.

Q: How would you describe Bloemisterij Hartogs in three words?

A: With an extra word smuggled in, that is: specialist in trendy flowers

Q: What do flower lovers find here?

A: Many people stop by every week to buy a beautiful bouquet for their home. Silk flowers and dried flowers are also popular. I have many different types of it in stock, sometimes that surprises the visitors of the store.

Q: How can we recognize a typical bouquet from Bloemisterij Hartogs?

A: If possible, I use peacock feathers and plumes in a bouquet. I think that really adds something to it, and it makes a bouquet slightly different than the usual.

Q: And do you have an insiders tip on how we can enjoy flowers for as long as possible?

A: Yes. Instead of nutrition, put a drop of chlorine in the water, and your flowers will stay fresh for a longer time. And also, clean vases with chlorine instead of detergent. That way, they are certainly clean, and the next bouquet will remain good for quite some time.

Q: What do you think is a must-have for flowers and plants this season?

A: The garden bouquets with all kinds of flowers and colors are very on-trend now. It has more of a playful look and is a bit less traditional.

Q: Is there a flower you are not a fan of?

A: Actually, I like most flowers, but I do not like the scent of one type, and that is the lily. It is a smell that people like or not. I also notice this when making bouquets for the flower subscriptions for companies. If I’ve delivered a bouquet with lilies in it and they don't like it, they will definitely tell me. Then I know right away that I can leave them out in future bouquets, haha.

Q: What other store do you recommend?

A: All my neighbors here of course, they are all hard working entrepreneurs. My closest neighbors from Lucie Cocina are really great. And of course, I like to buy bread at my namesake Bakkerij Hartogs, and no, we are not related!

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Name: Bloemisterij Hartogs
Location: Kleine Berg 34, Eindhoven
Specialized in: all things flowers
An Eindhoven hotspot since: June 2020
Spoken with: owner Michelle Hartogs

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