This is DDW Music Festival

This must already have come to your attention: Dutch Design Week (DDW) is about to start. Get swept away by the work of a new generation of designers, the established order and everything in between. But that's not all. Daily as of the early evening, you can see musical performances in almost every genre you can think of at no fewer than twelve locations throughout Eindhoven. During the week there are 90 shows, varying from electro to exotic.

Hiphop or Americana

"DDW Music Festival is part of DDW, but rightly a festival, with so many shows, locations and music styles." Laura van Gerven, marketing manager of DDW Music: "The range of shows is very diverse, from raw hiphop and punk in the Stroomhuis to classical in the workshop of Piet Hein Eek. One of the new locations this year is ‘t Rozenknopje. There you will find the more Americana sound, and singer-songwriters. De Effenaar is the stage for the DDW Music Specials. Even though the music genre is not set at every location. It’s nice when people come to watch an act or a specific music genre, but actually, it is the most fun when they let themselves be surprised."


Next level

"We like to see visitors go to locations with an open mind, you don’t always know who or what you will encounter on stage. One thing you know for sure: whoever plays, it is next level. Dutch Design Week offers a platform for talented designers, DDW Music Festival does the same, but in the field of music. Fresh talent must play to be able to grow and they do so this week. A good example of how things can move fast for a band is Khruangbin. Two years ago, they were part of the city program as an emerging talent. This week they are one of the DDW Specials in the main concert hall of De Effenaar and the show is already sold out.”

Order a ticket

You can go to the DDW Music Festival two ways. You can pay € 10.00 (Specials not included) per show at the door. Another option is to purchase an all-in ticket for € 27.00. This gives you access to all shows (except the Specials) and also to all locations of Dutch Design Week. "If you want to see more shows and want to visit DDW during the day, the all-in ticket is very attractive. Actually, you pay € 9.00 to discover a great music program at all sorts of exciting locations during a week.” By the way: having a ticket does not secure you a spot at a concert. At all locations applies: first come, first serve. So if you really want to see something, make sure you get there in time!