This is De Frietbar

Last year Mick and his associates took over the shop and renamed it De Frietbar. "In addition to tasty fresh fries and snacks, we also have sandwiches in all sorts of variations on the menu." Given the menu and the interior, De Frietbar is not a typical Dutch snackbar.

Given the menu and the interior, De Frietbar is not a typical Dutch snackbar.

De Frietbar

In the window of De Frietbar, meaning The Fries Bar, twenty golden lucky cats wave enthusiastically at you. The cats are a joke from owner Mick Luining: "They attract a lot of attention because people get curious about what kind of business this is and it looks cheerful.”

Organic fries

After a restyling of the interior, De Frietbar opened its doors at the end of October last year. “Our fries are 100 percent organic, from the potatoes to the oil in which we fry them. All fries are freshly cut here and then prepared in three varieties: natural, truffle and garlic.” The fries from De Frietbar are incredibly tasty without any additions, but you can also go wild with all kinds of toppings and sauces. “People love our loaded fries: fries with, for example, home-made slowly stewed rendang, gyros or Parmesan cheese with mushrooms over truffle fries. We also make several sauces ourselves, such as our cocktail sauce, lemon mayonnaise, and satay sauce.” And? Are you feeling hungry already?

Satisfying sandwiches

If you want something other than fries, you have the option to order generously filled sandwiches throughout the day. “Our customers are warned because our sandwiches cause a real taste explosion. Everyone can find something delicious, from roast chicken or tuna salad to mozzarella with pesto.” If you are in the mood for a sandwich but would prefer a more modest item, then opt for one of the Easy Bro’s.“These are classic sandwiches, a white bun or roll filled with, for example, cheese, ham or brie. These are convenient sandwiches for when you have a small appetite.”

Fries on the table

A large roll of paper hangs on the wall. What is the purpose of the paper? “We also serve fries directly on the table on a big sheet of paper. In Dutch we call it ‘tafelfriet’. This works very well for larger groups because the paper is placed on the table and then the fries, snacks, and sauces are added to share with the group. It is advisable to book this in advance.” If you don't feel like going out, but you really want loaded fries or a Big Mick sandwich with fries, you can also order these through Thuisbezorgd and Deliveroo. And otherwise, you can visit De Frietbar almost all day, every day. Enjoy your meal!

Take a picture 

Are you curious about De Frietbar? The big red arrow is in front of the shop, so you can't miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of De Frietbar and share it on your social media. When showing the photo you will receive a soft drink from the house with your order.

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