This is De Restauratie

Relive old times at the Eindhoven train station. Behind the glass facade, you can now find De Restauratie (restoration), a grand café that possesses the grandeur of the past, with a twist of today. When you go up the stairs to the first floor at the station exit on the side of the city centre, you enter a beautiful area.

"Preserving the atmosphere of the past was the biggest challenge", says branch manager Friso van Berkel. "We wanted to retain or bring back characteristic elements, but use modern techniques. Our screen with departure times for the train is digital, but it is designed as an old-fashioned chattering analogue information board."

Throughout the restaurant, you see even more beautiful things from back in the days: some of the large hanging lamps are original and some have been skillfully replicated. "These lamps are so characteristic of this space, you can see them in old photographs. Furthermore, we have given the business a contemporary look with this type of furniture." So what can we expect to find on the menu? "We are open from 7:00 in the morning until 22:00 at night. Whether you come for breakfast, drinks, dinner or a cup of coffee, you are welcome. "The dishes on the De Restauratie menu are mainly local classics. "We work with regional suppliers, such as Houben for sausage rolls, the City Brewery for beer, and the Genneper Hoeve for cheese."

A nice and thoughtful detail at De Restauratie is the possibility to send out a postcard. "This place has always been a meeting point for many people and it still is. Receiving mail is something that most people like very much." Although De Restauratie is located inside the train station, it is not only intended for travelers. Even for those who visit Eindhoven for a day, it is an ideal place to start the day with coffee and cake, overlooking the city, or end the day with something tasty from the dinner menu.