This is Dinner in Motion

Eindhoven welcomes a new, special restaurant. Or as they like to call it at Dinner in Motion: the most special restaurant in the Netherlands. That statement made want to know more..

360° restaurant

In the hectic of the last preparations for the big opening, Fleur Paijens of Dinner in Motion found the time to explain why this restaurant is different than usual. "Dining in our 360° restaurant is an experience for all senses. Together with the other guests, you sit down at a long table. During the dinner, we will take you to different worlds with light projections on the walls and the table, music, and of course the dishes that match the projected scenes. During the meal, the show calms down, so that the guests can concentrate on the food and each other. After two and a half hours, you will leave the table with a full stomach and a good feeling.”

"The most special restaurant in the Netherlands."

This is Dinner in Motion

From experiment to restaurant

Dinner in Motion started as an experiment of entrepreneur and creator of the concept, Bram van der Vorst. He organises business events with his company Aventiq and often works with large panorama projections. "He had the idea that we could also do something creative for consumers as well. All materials were present and we started testing how we could set up a special dining experience. We started small in the village of Waalre. The visitors were immediately enthusiastic and we wanted to further extend this. We opened a temporary restaurant in Utrecht in a building we could use for a year and a half. When it was time for something else, we wanted to continue with Dinner in Motion in Eindhoven. This is our hometown. After a long search for a good location, we are now opening our restaurant on the second floor of the Piazza shopping center. This time not temporarily, but permanently.”

GLOW special

During light festival GLOW Eindhoven, Dinner in Motion has a somewhat shorter program at an attractive price, so that you have enough time to combine dinner and a visit to GLOW. "Eating at our restaurant during GLOW is, of course, a perfect match. Whether it is during GLOW or afterwards, the experience immediately begins upon arrival. How we start the evening, is always a surprise. You can visit us every evening during GLOW. After GLOW, we apply our regular opening hours and we will be open on Friday and Saturday. During the week we focus on business groups that use the entire space. In December, you can also book dinners in the Christmas spirit. And in the future, we want to make more variations for the shows, so people want to visit us more often.”