This is Eeden the Label

The creativity, love of fashion and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of two sisters, Evy and Tessa, has resulted in a fashion store that we think will make a lot of women happy. Nestled in a cozy building at the Bergstraat, Eeden the Label has opened its doors.

A fashion store that we think will make a lot of women happy.

Eeden the Label sells handmade clothing and jewellery, special vintage items, and perfume. A cat named Tiger is part of the team and is keeping watch at the front door.

Ideal flared pants

Eeden the Label originated partly because Evy was looking for a well-fitting pair of flared pants. “I couldn't find the ones I wanted in the stores. Tessa is very handy with sewing and offered to make one for me. They turned out amazing and that's why we started making more. Until recently, we only sold our collection via the webshop, but we noticed that people love to fit and feel a product. Thanks to a happy coincidence, we were given the opportunity to rent this property and then everything suddenly went up a gear.” Tessa adds: "This property came on our path and we seized this opportunity. We came up with a good plan and now we are completely settled in.”

Vintage & handmade fashion

In addition to their own designs, you will find beautiful vintage items at Eeden the Label. Tessa: “We love vintage shopping. Not only is it often a unique piece of clothing, it is also sustainable. In Eindhoven, there are not many shops that sell vintage. When purchasing, we handpick the best items for our customers.” Evy: "Our collection is never the same. We always complete the racks with vintage items of clothing and accessories.” As for their own label, Tessa used to make everything, but nowadays that is no longer possible. Tessa: “We now work together with an experienced seamstress, which is great because now I can also be in the store and give advice. We are also a recognized training company, which means we have an intern. All our flared pants can be custom-made. We take your measurements so that you have perfectly fitting trousers.” Evy is responsible for the jewellery collection. She makes personalized gold and silver jewellery.

The five muses

Evy and Tessa base their collection on five types of women: their muses Ruby, Victoria, Phoebe, Jacky and Aza. The clothing and accessories for each type have been brought together in their own set up in the store. Tessa: “Every muse has its own style, character traits, mood, and taste in music. When buying vintage, we also look at who, out of five, is the best fit.” Evy: “For example, Jacky is very relaxed with both feet on the ground. With Victoria, it's all about glamour and elegance and Ruby is more playful and sexy. “And which of these muses and their style suits you best? Find out in the store. And do you want to give a friend, sister or mother an original gift? Then consider a gift card from Eeden the Label.

Take a picture

Are you curious about Eeden the Label? The big red arrow is in front of the store, so you can't miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of Eeden the Label and share the photo on your social media and mention Eeden the Label. When showing your photo you get a 15% discount on your purchase at Eeden the Label!

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