This is Eindje

The sweet nickname 'Eindje' for Eindhoven appears on a lot of clothes, thanks to the Eindje Store on the Heilige Geeststraat. The clothing brand originated from a collaboration between Paul Smits of textile printing company Blendomatic and designer Klim van Laarshot of De Derde Divisie.

“Our clothing has subtle, and sometimes less subtle references to the city.”


The start

Whereas most people in the Netherlands immediately roar ‘Eindhoven de gekste’ (Eindhoven is the craziest) when the name of the city comes up, the locals themselves more often talk about Eindje. A common word on many hoodies, sweaters, and accessories. “Paul approached me a couple of years ago with the question if I wanted to think about designing a clothing collection. By now the brand Eindje is already fairly well represented in the streetscape”, says Klim in his design studio. “Our clothing has subtle, and sometimes less subtle references to the city.” 

Lion’s head

Anyone who knows Eindhoven a little will recognize the references to the city and its history in the designs of Eindje. "We have the lion's head from the city coat of arms and the description 1203 as a logo. Despite the fact that Eindhoven was only granted city rights in 1232, the Duke of Brabant already ensured from 1203 onwards that many of the municipalities that later merged to form Eindhoven were united in the ‘Kwartier van Kempenland’. Some people think differently about this, but this is how we see the history of Eindhoven.” But it's not just history from a long time ago that counts. For example, in the prints, there’s a little nod to Philips and ASML. "I personally like the Evoluon-inspired series the most so far. It's a bit more abstract and I like that".

New collections

Unlike the big fashion retailers where the new collections follow in rapid succession, Paul and Klim work on their designs when they think it's time for a new collection. “We make this clothing for people who have a warm heart for Eindhoven. Because of our way of working, we have the space to experiment with a small badge that can be expanded further. We always try to keep a balance in the collection with a mix of more outspoken designs and modest basics.” The original idea for the Eindje Store was a webshop, but the store opened soon after the start, in the heart of De Bergen neighborhood. “People come here specifically to buy something from Eindje. Both the visitor of Eindhoven and the resident are able to find something beautiful with a connection to the city.”


Klim doesn’t have a definite idea for the future yet. "We continue to make beautiful collections. In addition, we like to enter again into good equal partnerships with known  Eindhoven names. Earlier we worked together with the Effenaar, De Bierbrigadier, and Biki90, among others. Special designs have emerged from this. Eindhoven continues to grow and becomes more and more diverse. A great opportunity for us to continue to develop and create designs that reach many different people". 

Take a picture

Are you curious about Eindje Store? The big red arrow is in front of the store, so you can't miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of the Eindje Store and share it on your social media. When showing the photo, you will receive a nice Eindje keyring with your purchase.

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