This is El Puente

Enter the coordinates 51°26'07"N 5 °28'59"E and set course for restaurant El Puente at the end of Stratumseind. This restaurant, that will take you around the world, opened in December at the culinary end of the nightlife street. Or as co-owner Berry Wijnen says: "In a world where borders separate us, we build bridges with El Puente to connect people. What could be better than sitting comfortably at a table with friends or family and enjoying each other's stories and dishes from all over the world?"

Let’s go back a few years. Berry used to work at Sopranos and Giornale. He returned to the hospitality industry after trying another branch for a while: "To give people a memorable evening, that is what I am good at. Together with my friends Robin Wijnen and Roel van de Broek from Sopranos and Giornale, I developed the concept for El Puente. We want to take people on a culinary journey. If you ask us, adventure is everywhere. With El Puente we are close by, with the world at your feet. We are located at a beautiful location, overlooking the river Dommel." An intensive renovation resulted in an atmospheric restaurant, where you can see the kitchen staff at work.

So what sort of food does El Puente serve? "We want to surprise our guests, but we do not offer a surprise menu. Guests can choose dishes that contain ingredients from the mentioned country. For example, you can choose Italy (ravioli of porcini mushrooms) or Morocco (scallop with toffee and vadouvan) or Indonesia (spicy tartare), just to name a few. It’s subtle, challenging, explosive and irresistible. Our lunch menu also includes dishes from different parts of the world."

"With El Puente, we want to show that it is possible to have an affordable yet still wonderful evening out. The dishes are smaller and not necessarily considered as starter or main courses, so you can decide for yourself what your culinary journey will look like. Our team is happy to advise, but in the end the choice is yours. We change menus once every eight weeks. This way, we want to offer our guests a new route over the world map."