This is EMMA

In the middle of the preparations of EMMA we were already being teased with short videos about this new restaurant with patisserie. In six episodes, we could meet the team, the dishes and the restaurant itself. We couldn’t wait for the opening. “Last month, we finally opened our doors,” Joost Saris – co-owner of EMMA – tells us, “and we have an amazing team with nearly only fulltime workers. We see now that this is a big advantage, we are already agreeing well with each other.” EMMA exists of a restaurant, bar, and a patisserie. De store with patisserie has its own entrance, which is next to the entrance of the restaurant.

Joost Saris and Ruud Adriaens are the owners of EMMA. Ruud is the founder of Pinkie Patisserie, the go-to-place for the famous heavenly carrot cake and lots of other yummy patisserie dishes. Joost was catering parties and events on a high level for the past 4 years. Ruud: “Joost and I met each other quite a few times during work. He was arranging everything of the wedding, while I was creating the wedding cake. One-and-a-half years ago I was looking for a bigger place so that I could increase our production capacity. After visiting a property at the Nieuwe Emmasingel I bumped into Joost”. Joost: “I always wanted to change course and was dreaming of a restaurant of my own. I was actually looking at a different property in the same street, and Ruud and I started talking. After several conversations, we came to the conclusion that we could make something magical happen if we would start a venture together.

You can not only enjoy the delicious dishes at EMMA. Just visiting the place already is a feast for the eyes. Because of the open structure you can watch the patissiers at work (watch it: there’s a risk of salivating!), and behind in the joint you can see the chefs at work. Joost: “We chose a big open kitchen, so that the guests can see exactly how their dish is prepared. The kitchen is connected to our own greenhouse with led lights from Philips. Here we grow vegetables and herbs from seed to plant. We are the first restaurant to be working with this technology. Philips is therefore also extremely involved and occasionally comes here to see how things are going.”

Right in front of the pass of the kitchen, there’s a Chef’s Table: a long table with space for maximally 14 persons. At this table you’ll eat an exclusively put together 7-course dinner from the chef. Ruud: “This table is nog only meant for groups. If you want to enjoy this special menu for 2, you can do that too.” Joost adds: “We want to make it the most popular table of the city.” On the menu card you can find an extensive list of lunch dishes. In contrast to the dinner menu, where the only information that you are given is that you can choose from a 3, 4, or 5-course dinner. The rest is a surprise. Joost: “Our dishes will change every two weeks. This way, we can keep surprising our guests.”