This is FAB - Famous American Bistro

‘Welcome to flavor’ is the first thing you see when you enter FAB at the Kerkstraat. FAB is short for Famous American Bistro. Owner and chef Riku Erkkila tells us more about what to expect: “We want to give people a taste of the real American flavors, big and bold, like a flavor explosion. We use a lot of ingredients that are typically American and not used around here. The most popular dish is the Buffalo chicken. The taste is so unexpected, with the Louisiana Hot Sauce, vinegar and butter. Guests who have eaten the dish before cheer of enthusiasm when they see it on our menu. And so do first-timers when they taste it!”

Riku and his husband left their home country Finland in 2005 to work in Los Angeles for several years. After that, they moved to Bangkok for a while and after a decade of hard work and no holidays, they took their time to find out what they wanted in life: “We went back to California to relax and figure out the future. We knew we wanted our own restaurant. After extensive research, we decided we wanted to go to the Netherlands. Moving to yet another country wasn’t so scary anymore, we had done it before. We chose the Netherlands because everybody speaks English, the culture is very similar to Finland and there was room for a concept like FAB.”

Eindhoven is the second city where a FAB has been opened. “We had our eye on this city for a while. We wanted to expand and we looked at different places. We stumbled upon this location next to the church and we really liked it. Eindhoven has a rapidly growing international community, a group that really enjoys our food. Our other location is in Maastricht and Eindhoven and Maastricht are geographically quite close to each other, that’s convenient too. We are open from 8 am to 10 pm and we have a lot to offer from morning till evening. During the week people come in early for breakfast or breakfast meetings. On the weekends they come here for an extensive brunch. These long opening hours are very common in California. In Europe, having breakfast, lunch or dinner outside the house is almost an event, it’s very structured. We bring a more casual vibe to it. Walk in when you want, the kitchen is open all day, and you can eat what you want all day.”

“We offer a fair price and that’s for a good reason. We want people to get value for their money. You get a big plate of good food, flavor comes first. We listen to our guests but we also like to challenge them. For instance with our sliders. We have eleven different variations of these mini burgers. People like to choose what they already know. When a meat lover orders multiple sliders, I challenge him or her to also take the falafel slider. If they really don’t like it, they get to order something else. Well, we have never got one back”, Riku smiles. “Something our guests also like is the free refills of our homemade ice tea. With our food philosophy, we want our food to be familiar enough, but also surprising.” So, what are you waiting for: get surprised by the flavors of FAB!