This is Grand Café Thomas

The stately building of Grand Café Thomas at Stratumseind has traditionally been a location where entertainment and fun predominate. Over the years, the building had a number of other functions and since the ‘90s, hospitality has returned.

"It is fantastic that they discovered the beautiful original ornaments in the building back then", says Thomas-owner Paul van Boxtel. "Unfortunately, Eindhoven does not have that many characteristic historic buildings, so that makes this one extra special." After café Thomas was the hotspot for an evening out for years, Paul and his team decided to open their place during the day as well. "That decision was accompanied by a major renovation and we now welcome guests also from morning until late at night."

Grand Café Thomas at Stratumseind has traditionally been a location where entertainment and fun predominate.

Eat all day

Grand-Café Thomas is regularly tipped as a must-see in Eindhoven for its special interior. Make that a must-stay, because the business has a lot to offer. “So now you can come to us all day on Friday and during the weekend. The other days we start at 4 p.m. A quiet start to the day with a brunch, a drink at the end of the afternoon or in the dinner with dishes from the grill.” The varied menu for dinner is complemented with, among other things, different types of oysters as an appetizer and delicious and original side dishes. And you can wake us up for the homemade truffle mayonnaise that comes with the fries.

Cocktails and other treats

"When it comes to drinks, you're in the right place" Paul laughs, "Our signature cocktails are renowned! The cocktail menu changes regularly, so you can try something new every time. If you don't want alcohol at all, then we also have very tasty mocktails.” Regarding the drinks, Paul sees that his guests regularly want something different than a standard beer. “In addition to the cocktails, we have a very extensive menu with all kinds of gin, rum, mezcal and whiskey. Of course, we also have a selection of good wines and special beers.”

Dancing and lounging

On Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m., the tables and chairs are set aside and Grand Café Thomas changes to Club Thomas. "Our DJ turns this place into a party." For those who want to relax on Sunday, the Lazy Sunday has recently been introduced. A relaxed afternoon with live jazz music. “In addition to clubbing and having a meal, our location is the perfect place to lounge, even on days other than Sunday. You can relax both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy the view of the beautiful St. Catherine's Church with a special beer or cocktail and bites. It is perhaps the most photographed building in Eindhoven. ” In short, if you go to Grand Café Thomas, there is always something going on.

Get a discount

Are you curious about Grand Café Thomas? The big red arrow is in front of the restaurant so you cannot miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of Grand Café Thomas, share the picture on social media and by showing your picture you receive a free shared dessert when ordering a 2-course menu.

Statumseind 23, Eindhoven

Opening hours:

Closed on Mondays

Tuesday 4 pm-midnight

Wednesday 4 pm-midnight

Thursday 4 p.m. - 2 p.m.

Friday 11.00 - 04.00

Saturday 11 am - 4 am

Sunday 11 am - midnight

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