This is Hey Days

A friendly welcome, a modern bar, a wall with a flamingo pattern, exotic plants, disco balls: prepare to be amazed by the interior of restaurant Hey Days. Let’s take a closer look at this Middle Eastern hotspot.


This is like our house and we want our guests to feel at home

Surprising flavors

“This is like our house and we want our guests to feel at home", says Tülin Canbaz. Together with Demi Versfeld, she is the owner of the restaurant. Tülin has a Turkish background and you can see her Middle Eastern roots on the menu. “At Hey Days you will find dishes from different Eastern cuisines, combined with European dishes. Or European dishes with a Middle Eastern twist, resulting in surprising flavors.” Tülin and her partner clearly feel like a fish in the water at Hey Days, but this could have been a completely different business. “Before we started renovating, I wanted to turn it into a coffee shop or lunchroom. But it became clear to us that we should open a restaurant here.”

A table full

Fortunately! Otherwise, we would have missed all their tasty dishes. “People in Eindhoven are now more open to new things and also to new ways of dining. Sharing food is typical for the cultures in the Middle East. A table full of food to enjoy and just being together. We also like to give our guests that warm feeling.” At Hey Days you can start with mezze that you share with your table companions. Think of it like tapas or antipasti. For the course that follows, everyone chooses several dishes and side dishes to share. "If you really want something for yourself, you can, of course", Tülin laughs, "but sharing is the most fun."

For everyone

The menu offers something for everyone. Meat and fish lovers, vegetarians and vegans all have plenty of choices. “With us, it is key that everyone can have a nice evening with surprising and tasty dishes. We have a delicious dessert especially for vegans - and everyone who wants it - because that’s something they often miss at other restaurants. In the course of January, our menu will also be expanded with even more dishes for all types of eaters. We strive for our menu to be at least 30 per cent suitable for vegans.”


Let’s go back to the disco balls. Can we dance at Hey Days? "Sure! Our kitchen closes at 10pm and afterwards, there is still plenty of time for drinks. A DJ is even playing on Fridays and Saturdays.” One of the other great things about Hey Days is the cozy garden behind the restaurant. “When the weather gets better, our garden will open again. It makes you forget you are in the middle of the city.”

Take a picture

Are you curious about Hey Days? The big red arrow is in front of the door, so you can't miss it. Take a photo with the arrow in front of Hey Days, share the photo on your social media and tag Hey Days. When showing your photo you will get coffee, tea or soft drink from the house after your dinner at Hey Days.

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