This is Hotel Mariënhage

When entering Hotel Mariënhage you’ll find yourself in the beautiful high ceiling hotel lobby. This space connects the different parts of the complex and makes the reception the hub where everything and everyone comes together. 

Immediately noticeable is Flylight, a lighting installation by Studio Drift in which a large group of light fixtures form an enchanting swarm. In Brasserie Rita, where hotel guests can enjoy breakfast in the morning, we meet Henk Jan Burgers, the general manager of the hotel.


From monastery to hotel

From monastery to hotel

While professionals are working on the finishing touches, Henk Jan is preparing for the official opening of the hotel: “It took us six years to transform the Mariënhage monastery and the Paterskerk into this luxury boutique hotel with brasserie and bar, a garden and event location. I have never worked at such a special location with so many challenges before.” "From March 2020 on, the wellness and fitness area will be open and free of charge for hotel guests." The renovation and new construction of the buildings were done with respect for the past. For example, the oldest wall of the monastery from 1628 has been made visible and the high altar from the church has been given a beautiful spot in the hotel. “The colors on the walls and doors have been chosen based on color studies and original colors, making the spaces stand out even more. 

A wink to the past

There are quite a few references to the history of the complex in the hotel. "You’ll find a lot of winks to the past here, but if you look closely you also see references to the future." The stylish rooms, designed by Wieneke van Gemeren, connect old and new with inspiring contemporary design while respecting the monuments. "Every room is different and makes you forget you're in the middle of the city." With room names such as Heavenly White, Blue Virgin and Epic Eden, lamps specially designed for the hotel in halo shapes and references to the creation story leave no doubt about being in a former monastery.
In addition to a leading role for Eve in multiple visible displays of the hotel, there is also a prominent role for the apple and the snake from paradise. You can see it in many details: in the apples that hotel guests receive as a welcome gift, apple trees in the garden, 3D-printed ones with the question whoever took the first bite: Eve or Steve Jobs, illustrations on panels in the rooms, and a hissing snake on the do not disturb sign.

Everyone is welcome

“Eindhoven does not have that many historic buildings and this is a beautiful place of tranquillity and reflection. Where can you find so much space and beautiful gardens right in the center in the city? This hotel is open for everyone, just like Brasserie Rita and the gardens. Fine dining restaurant De Refter will open in the spring of 2020, and will be under the direction of Michelin star chef Van Groeninge. When you come here, there is always something new to see. Beautiful hotel rooms alone do not make this a boutique hotel, but everything else there is to see and do will.” The music program in the church also attracts a large group of people to the hotel as visitors. "I think that we will soon be the new village hall of Eindhoven, everyone is welcome", says Henk Jan with a smile.

Book and get a discount

Are you curious about Hotel Mariënhage? The big red arrow is in front of the door, so you cannot miss it. Make a reservation at with the code RP19. With this code you get a discount of 10% a nice suprise when you check out and of course forbidden fruit when you check in. 

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