This is Lab-1

At the demise of the Zien cinema on the Keizersgracht, it looked like it was the end of the cosy and characteristic film theatre. But then, Chris de Zeeuw, founder of Lab-1, saw an opportunity to take his underground cinema to a new level and connect with a wider audience.

Chris: "We once started out very small in the old NatLab building. After that, we had a beautiful space in the Mariënhage monastery at our disposal and now we have plenty of space and we can stay here permanently.” Lab-1 is not just a cinema: you can visit a concert, go to the club on the second floor and see a film marathon on the top floor. And all in one evening, if you feel like it.

"Lab-1 is not just a cinema"

Chris de Zeeuw - Lab-1

Indy and art house films

Lab-1 started with the first movie screenings at the new location early this year. For some time now they have been hosting parties on Friday and Saturday nights. "What we offer in films you can hardly find in other cinemas in Eindhoven. We go to film festivals like those in Venice, Warsaw, and Berlin. We are looking for films that appeal to us and of course, we also think of our audience when it comes to our picks. Besides the festival films, we also look for international and Dutch indy and art house films. All non-English films have English subtitles, because a large part of our visitors is not Dutch. Recently we also started with the screening of a children's movie on Wednesday afternoon. Ideal for families who are looking for something other than the mainstream film offer.”

Comedy and club

Lab-1 offers a diverse program. "In the bar on the ground floor we have built a podium where we host evenings with stand- up comedy, music, and other performers. You can also use the bar for a network or company event and all our venues can be rented. We have transformed Cinema 1 into a club. The large bar is made from recycled parts from the cinema. Every Friday and Saturday we host parties, you can buy tickets online or at the door.” Chris travels all over Europe and is affiliated with Lab-1 to the Europa Cinemas network. At the end of last year, he presented Lab-1 to his European colleagues. “Everyone was enthusiastic. We are the first combined cinema, nightclub, and concert hall in Europe and everybody loved it. Lab-1 has got a certain dynamic going on and is unpolished. A lot of stuff in the city is already defined and managed. Here, some friction is allowed.”


Are you curious about Lab-1? The big red arrow is in front of it so you cannot miss it. Take a picture with the arrow in front of Lab-1, share the photo on social media and when showing your photo you get a discount on a movie ticket so you can go see a movie for only € 7,00.