This is Magda

Magda will come back!’: Facebook almost exploded when that news came out. If you aren’t familiar with the ‘Magda-story’, here’s a quick rundown on all that happened to this store:

For years people came to Magda for the most beautiful fashion items. Three years ago, this came to an end when the owners of Magda, Gijs Brink and Wytske Poelsma, closed the doors. Now, Wytske came back, together with Margo Konings. September 1st was the day this pink shopping heaven opened its doors again.

Wytske: ‘Margo and I came in contact because of the Candy Shop, a pop up store that I managed. I wanted to run this shop together with her. During our conversations about this we figured that we might as well start a permanent store together. We weren’t in a rush, but because this location came on the market, it all happened very fast suddenly. The fact that we are in the exact same place is of course a great catch! We created a plan, got in contact with suppliers, and made purchases. Bob Copray worked on the interior design of the store. Within a few months there was a brand new store.

Margo: We know each other for over 20 years and that results in a good partnership. We make purchases together and.. well we actually do everything together. From display design to administrative tasks. Our eyes always catch the same items when buying supplies. We just have a great connection. With just a look or a single expression we know what the other wants. If one of us doesn’t think something is good, we simply don’t do it.” Wytske: “We kept a number of brands that previously did well at Magda.”

Margo: “The collection has a real Magda-base: Scandinavian cleanness combined with frivolous French brands. A fine mix.” Wytske: “Scandinavian fashion alone is too clean for us and we both love the timeless French classics. Next to that the Dutch brands are also well represented, with items of StudioRUIG and Monique van Heist. Also Les Coyote de Paris has a Dutch vibe. We have already seen many brands, but we were never this greedy as we are now with Les Coyote de Paris.”

Not only does Magda offer clothes and accessories, also art lovers are well taken care of. Margo: “Every 3 or 4 months we offer an artist the possibility to display and sell his or her artwork. The artist Inez van Vuren is currently the first. The artist we choose must fit our style and format. Of course we already know a number of artists, but we would always love to meet new ones. We are constantly looking for new items.” Wytske: “What is also new, is that we offer private shopping. With this you have the store all by yourself outside of normal opening hours. We are open on the first Sunday of the month. The other Sundays we use for organizing interesting gatherings, like a reading or presentation. This is also a fun way to bring people together.”